Erin Condren Release Thoughts

I’m going to start this off with the fact that I didn’t order from the release yet. My mom and I wait until later in the year to do so and then we get our planners for Christmas from my grandparents.

At this point, though I’ve seen enough videos where I feel like I’m able to put my two cents into what happened during the release. So let’s get into it with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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My Hedgehog Wish List

So I wanted to do a DIY thing today, but I didn’t have the time to go get the materials so i thought that I would just put my thoughts down on a piece of paper and give you guys some ideas of things that I really want for Gatsby in the future. Most of these purchases are already planned and I’ll have a review or unboxing for a lot of them in the future.

I’ve split this list up into some sections to make it easier to follow, so let’s dive in and hopefully you get some fun ideas for your hedgehog or other small animals (guinea pigs can use a lot of the same things).  Continue reading

6 month Alfie Waterbottle Update

6 months ago I posted a review about the Alfie Water Bottle. It’s Been 6 months after that review and I wanted to post an update about how the water bottle and stand are holding up.

I’m actually fairly surprised that the water bottle is holding up so well. At the moment it just needs a fairly good cleaning and it will be as good as new. I haven’t had any issues with leaking or feeling the need to replace it at any time and I like that it holds so little water so that I am not wasting as much water every day when Lucia doesn’t drink it.

I recently did a test and after 3 days of not emptying the water Lucia hadn’t even drank half of it, so for a dwarf hamster the water supply is pretty good.

The plastic stand is a little rough for wear, but that’s what happens. Lucia managed to chew part of it so that it looks as rough as it does, but besides that it works just fine. I don’t suggest this as a hide like how it’s advertised, though, because that’s when Lucia chewed part of the water bottle. I strongly recommend blocking off the hide part so that your hamster can’t get into it. I believe that it was just too small for Lucia, she panicked, and attempted to chew her way out as a result (instead of using the small door).

The “food bowl” part of it still goes unused except for some treats. Like I mentioned in my previous review it’s just too small for the majority of hamsters to be able to use as a food bowl, unless they don’t sit on their food while they eat it.

Although this products has several flaws in design I still use it regularly and is a great deal for the price.

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Pet Facebook Groups

Today I really wanted to talk about Facebook groups that center around pets and how to care for them. Currently I’m in a few Facebook groups (two for hedgehogs one for hamsters) and they are basically my entire feed. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, because I’ve made a few friends through these groups, but between the two you basically have my entire news feed. Continue reading