I Am Not Healthy… But I Wanna Be

I think I am going to get so much hate on this post, but please bear with me and do your best to be nice. I honestly don’t think that I’m healthy. I am 5’4″, 127.8 Ibs, I eat my veggies, and I love fruits. This all sort of adds up to a healthy person, but I’m still not really healthy at all. I can’t do a sit up, or a push up, I can’t run or lift much, and I never feel like I have enough energy for ANYTHING.

My level of fitness fits my lifestyle because I’m able to do EVERYTHING that I need to in my daily life. All of my tasks can be accomplished easily and I am able to walk for as long as I need to. So I’m able to get away with not being really healthy.

What sparked this was a doctor’s appointment that I scheduled (and then canceled). The person I was talking to asked me to rank my overall health, and I said a 2 because I don’t think that I’m healthy. She didn’t ask for an explanation but I talked to a few of my friends after that and I got their definitions of healthy, and I just sort of decided I’m not healthy. The days after I realized how I constantly was feeling sick, exhausted, or just mentally horrible and that kind of made me wake up and sort of got me to change some goals.

So now I’m done complaining, I’m going to fix it. Starting today I’m working to eat healthier, workout when I can, and just try to do better.

That’s kind of all I have for this. See you all on Wednesday.

See you soon,