Get To Know Me


I’m Amanda. I’m a college students in Minnesota and I’m studying communication.

My days are filled with studying, working, taking care of my two pets, and this blog. As all college students are I’m always busy and always looking for something to do, so make sure that you stick around and hang out a little bit!

On Mondays I have what I call “Me Mondays” where I talk about random stuff, but it’s mostly about how to make yourself better, take care of yourself, or just ways to focus on you instead of the rest of the world. I have favorite videos, hair videos, crafts, self care, mental illness, and just sort of anything that I can think of. It’s a fun way to start off the week, and it’s just sort of relaxing.

Wednesdays are all about what keeps me afloat, planning. I love to decorate and organize my planner, and since it sort of keeps me on the right path from day to day it is my lifeline. We talk about pretty planning, bullet journaling, blog planning, etsy planning, and we even talk about most holidays. If you need any help or can suggest a shop don’t worry about contacting me, I love talking to you guys!

On Fridays I talk about pets in Furry Friend Friday. It might be an educational post, a journal, some pictures, or just some clips of them being adorable! You’ll read about Sinbad my new Hedgehog and my year old winter white hamster Lucia. They’re both have huge personalities, so I always have some fun stories about them. They’re also the stars of my instagram, so don’t hesitate to follow me for constant updates.

Some come hang out with Kurt, My Family, Gatbsy, Lucia, and all our friends with me. It’s going to be a great ride.

See you soon,



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