Halloween Planner Haul

If you don’t know October is my absolute favorite month (aren’t you surprised?). And I go all out for Halloween in my planner, just like in the rest of my life. I’m so happy that October has started that I wanted to share with you what spreads I have planned, so here’s my Halloween Haul.

il_570xn_1093125687_hp52The first spread I’m using is this kit from PrintyInPink. What drove me to this kit was that it seemed to be a perfect in between from a unicorn kit into a spooky scary kit. I absolutely am in love with it, and the spread turned out really nice.

Although I’ll be doing a full review on the shop, right now I will honestly say that the only downfall is that they don’t have a ton available. I hope to see more from them soon and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

il_570xn_1029034064_8adsThe second kit that I picked up was this one from StickToThePlans. I haven’t used this kit yet, but I’m really excited to in the near future. It has a lot of functional and decorative things in it, so I hope that it will make a really nice spread to work with. It’s a very nice traditional black and orange Halloween kit, which I’m always game for. I also love that there are decorative half boxes, which I kind of like even though they look like they may be a challenge to use. This shop looks like it has a lot of affordable printables so I can’t wait to pick up a few more and try them out.

il_570xn_1073492925_nj3eThe last kit I’ve bought right now is from AndreaNicolePrintsCo, and is her Nightmare Before Christmas Kit. I’m going to be honest because this isn’t my ideal Nightmare Before Christmas set, but I also wasn’t planning on paying an arm and a leg to get what I really wanted (that and it was from Germany and wouldn’t get here in time). I do have high hopes for this kit, though and I hope that the spread turns out well.


What is your favorite kit that you’ll be using this October? Any suggestions on kits you’ve found that I could use the week of Halloween? I’m still looking for that perfect one, so leave ideas in the comments.

See you soon,



How I Use “Little Things”

So recently I’ve really focused on using my little things section in my planner since I haven’t really been on top of that in the last few months. This was one of the sections that I really wanted to focus on lately and I really wanted to work on developing a way to use it. Now, though, I am almost 100% happy with it!

I have five “little things” that I keep track of in my planner and I’m going to go through each one.

First I keep track of the blog posts that I need to post that week. These are the little “star” boxes that I use, and they really just are the title of what’s being released that day. I typically take weekends to put my blog together for the week so I don’t always have to do a lot for that besides upload the videos during the week.

The next thing that I keep track of is pet things. This is typically when I feed Lucia, Gatsby’s cage days, and weigh in day that week. I have another binder that really goes into detail with the pets so a “pet planner” system will pry be in the near future. There are the only ones right now that are all color and then the paw print is white. This is because these are things that I can’t forget and need to catch my eye when I’m looking at my planner.

If you see little hearts at the bottom of my planner that means Kurt is up to something. I do keep track of some larger things in Kurt’s life (when he stays at a friend’s house, when he’s traveling, if he has something due for class, if he’s coming over). I don’t do this because I’m controlling, and to be honest it’s often the last thing on my mind but I do like to put those things in there so that I know when he isn’t going to be available if i need to talk to him about something.

The next thing that I keep track of is my hair and when I can wash it. As you’ll see later this week my hair is very difficult to keep up with lately so having something to remind me to wash my hair is great. it doesn’t always get done, but it’s helpful to have.

He last thing that I keep track of in my planner is when I need to go to the post office for my etsy store. This is done with a simple etsy sticker and I don’t have much to talk about for that.

So that’s what I use my little things for. I’m much happier with it, but Im still trying to work on it. I think that I might move them up to the “Today” section of my planner and then use the bottom specifically for my blog.

What do you keep track of in your Little Things Section?

See you soon,


Erin Condren Release Thoughts

I’m going to start this off with the fact that I didn’t order from the release yet. My mom and I wait until later in the year to do so and then we get our planners for Christmas from my grandparents.

At this point, though I’ve seen enough videos where I feel like I’m able to put my two cents into what happened during the release. So let’s get into it with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Spring 2016 Planner Updates

So recently I got a nice little haul from Erin Condren, but I wanted to show you some updates from my planner.


I did get a new cover (favorite part of my haul) and I’m so happy that I got it. I love it and it’s perfect. I think that it will even work with a gold coil, which is awesome because I’ll be getting a gold coil for next year.

Order in the boxes

So if you don’t remember my normal order it was my first class, second class, today, todo, and blog.

If you don’t know it’s summer so I’ve had to change that.

Now the order is my class, work schedule or my blog work, today, todo, and now little things. I’m actually getting really attached to my little hings now and I’ll have to get some stickers to help me continue to keep my little things around during the school year. I’ve also stopped using habit trackers for the moment. I have a feeling that they’ll be coming back soon, but at least for a little I’m not going to deal with them.


So my pre-planning has changed a little bit for the moment because I don’t have as much to really pre-plan. To be honest I don’t really have a system anymore. I typically have  a sticky note for what’s due in class that week and my work schedule, and somewhere I’ll have a note for what I need to write for my blog. It isn’t really much of a system anymore.

Blog Planning

So my blog planning has change quite a bit.

I’ve stopped using printable and got a monthly calendar from Erin Condren that I keep in the back of my planner which has all of my blog posts in it. I’ve started filling this out at the beginning of each month (or when I’ve finished all of my blog posts for the previous months). I keep notes about post ideas and month themes in a notebook that I have (and always carry around). It seems to be working, when I don’t have technical difficulties.

See you soon,


Pets in My Planner

Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked how I put my pets in my planner, and to be honest it isn’t too interesting, but I thought I would let  you guys in on what’s going on.

The first way that I put my pets in my planner is on the side bar I put this sticker for Gatsby and this sticker for Lucia. Obviously these aren’t perfect, but I sort of use them as they are and make it work. Basically instead of cage for both of them it means spot cleaning and actually cleaning the wheels. For Food for Lucia I use it much more for fresh veggies, which she gets every day.

12974548_10204351816075222_44259035578763914_nThere’s quiet the story behind the hedgehog one actually, I was playing around online and found the hamster one and my mom contacted the shop and the owner (Snowy Swan) was so sweet and did it in a few days. My mom told me that there was a surprise for me on her Etsy and I was so excited to see it! I read over the conversation my mom had with the owner and she was so sweet. I’ll have a shop review up in a few weeks for this shop.

So what about vet appointments? I typically will put vets under my Today section with a little paw sticker and a sticker of either a hedgehog or a hamster to show who is going to the vet.

(Please note I plan taking Gatsby to the vet twice a year. Once in the Spring for an annual checkup and then again in the fall because the school needs a note from the vet saying that he is healthy a maximum of three weeks before the school starts. Please take your animals to the vet at least once a year to get checked over so that if something does go wrong you already have communication and some sort of relationship with the vet.)

So if someone does get sick I will put it down in my little things with what time they need their medicine so that I’m able to keep track of this. I will also put alarms on my phone so that they get them at the same time every day.

As a side note I also keep a notebook with what treats I give my pets each day and I keep track of their weight each week in order to help catch problems before they arise.

So how do you keep track of your pets? Let me know down below!

See you soon,