GoodBye Gatsby: January 2015-December 1 2016

If you follow my Instagram you will now that Gatsby passed away at the beginning of the month.

I wanted to explain his death, because he was alright for so long and we never saw this coming.  Continue reading


Being Away From My ESA

14705862_10205365710061938_899463526611345550_nHello again all,

this isn’t really an educational post, it’s much more a journal post about what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks while I’ve been away from Gatsby. If you don’t know Gatsby is my ESA, and life can be a little bit hard without him. So, I wanted to post this journal in order to show everyone how much animals can help with mental illness, and to sort of break the silence that comes with mental illness.

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College Pet Problems

10 issues that your pet will have with you, if you take them to college with you and they become a college pet, written from the prospective of my pets.

  1. Never enough treats, because mom can’t afford to give me endless treats like I want
  2. Not having a giant cage because there’s no room for it…. so the minimum will have to do
  3. Everyone watching me while I sleep because I’m “too cute”
  4. Hearing mom wake up really early for classes, and waking me up even though it isn’t on purpose.
  5. Mom keeping the lights on late at night working instead of playing with me.
  6. Not enough treats.
  7. Car rides to Grandma and Grandpa’s (we really hate those)
  8. Lots of short term pet sitters if mom has to go on a night-time field trip
  9. Mom never leaves us alone (because we live in her bedroom)
  10. We never get enough treats!!! More treats mom!!!

Critter Hangouts Review

If you remember a few weeks ago I got my order from Critter Hangouts, and I unboxed it on camera, which you can see in this blog post. I was surprised and pretty happy with what I got in my order, but after a month of using it I wanted to go back and do a full review of the products that I received. I ordered a Pokemon set that they no longer have, but the ones that they do have now are both pretty cools as well.

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Pet Facebook Groups

Today I really wanted to talk about Facebook groups that center around pets and how to care for them. Currently I’m in a few Facebook groups (two for hedgehogs one for hamsters) and they are basically my entire feed. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, because I’ve made a few friends through these groups, but between the two you basically have my entire news feed. Continue reading

Petsitter Tips

If you don’t know Gatsby has been hanging out with my parents for the last two-ish weeks and is coming home this Sunday.

So, as a thank you to my parents I decided to write about tips for finding a petsitter and tips for if you find yourself in the position of petsitting someone’s pet.

13055025_10204395979419278_5091212249938279822_oFinding a Petsitter

  • Start with those who interact with your pet the most: When looking for a pet owner ask those that your pet is familiar with first. This will make it so that your pet doesn’t get as stressed when you go away and instead of a new person your pet knows that they are safe with this person.
  • If you need to go to someone you don’t know ask what experience they have with your pet’s species: This seems really obvious but if you’re like me and have an exotic pet it is a very important question to ask. Someone’s experience level with your pet shows how familiar they are with taking care of your pet and how detailed you need to be when writing things down for them.
  • Ask the neighborhood kids: Kids typically LOVE pets and asking them to take care of your pet not only lets them get a little bit of experience with pets but also boosts their confidence that they did a good job. It’s also helpful if their parents are thinking about getting them a pet.
  • Try not to send your pet to a different house: If you have a caged animal they typically don’t like being moved. If possible have the sitter come over to your house to help cut down on your pet’s stress.

Being a Petsitter

  • Feel free to ask questions: If you don’t feel like you know something please ask. It shows responsibility on your part and the owner will be more than happy to answer.
  • Go over what you need to do with the owner: Before the owner leaves ask if you can go over everything with them one more time. Telling the owner what you need to do on a daily basis so that you know that you aren’t missing anything.
  • 12593880_10203827203480235_3545030846655457588_oHave fun
  • Make sure you have all emergency numbers: Although it is rare for something to go wrong make sure that the emergency numbers are easy to find in case of an emergency. This will cut down on your stress if something happens and it will help you act much quicker and help the pet.
  • Go over before the owner leaves and hang out with the animal: If you don’t really know the pet that you’re watching defiantly go over and play with them so that you start to get to know the pet’s personality. This is also good for the pet because you aren’t  a stranger and they associate you with something fun.
  • Check in with the owner if they are ok with it: While the owner is gone send them pictures and videos. They will love to see their pet and it will put them at ease while they’re gone.
  • Don’t worry! Everything will be fine!