My Summer Goals

Although Summer started a few weeks ago I still wanted to share my top 5 goals for this summer. It started out as a much much much longer list, but due to some mental illness difficulties I have to cut it down. So since I’m looking at it I wanted to share it with all of you.

I want to see the stars

I’ve lived in the suburbs all of my life, and although I really do like living where I do I don’t get to see the stars… at all. Honestly I’ve never been in a situation where I can really see the stars without excess light or trees not covering them up. It wasn’t until a few months ago where my friend (now boyfriend) was waiting for me outside his apartment building that I really decided I did want to see the stars. He was telling me how he missed the stars, and what he missed about where he grew up. He was telling me about the stars, and now I really want to see the stars like he used to.

I want to improve my health

My physical and mental health have both taken a toll lately, and I want to do better with that this summer. I’m making plans right now but starting soon I’m really going to be hitting it hard with exercising, eating healthy, and working on my mental health. None of this will be easy and really I’m in it for the long haul, but you have to start somewhere and I don’t want to go down any farther so I wanna try going up.

Take More Photos

If you haven’t been following my Instagram for a while you might not know that the amount of pictures that I take and post has gone down. I want to do more of this because photography is something that I truly love to do. So I want to take and post more pictures as a way to document my days, interact with the world outside my house, and express myself more creatively. (If you have any photo ideas let me know!)

Read and Write More

The worst thing about college for me was that I wasn’t reading or writing for personal pleasure. So since graduating I’ve read two books and I want to start writing again. Although I didn’t do this a ton in high school, and these have both been things that I do when I have little to do I want these to be things that I do more often. I really do enjoy doing these, so I want to get back into it.

Smile More

This one is sort of my catch all. I want to do more things that make myself and others smile. Things that help others to enjoy their lives and just spread a little more joy in the world.

For the rest of the summer I will be vlogging some/most of these adventures, so remember to follow my blog and check up on my social media pages (@happysmiles159) for updates and stories!

What are your goals this summer?

See you soon,



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