Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub Review

After taking two weeks and really not taking care of my skin, like at all, during a stressful time where I really should have been taking care of my skin I can say that my skin isn’t in the best condition right now. That’s sort of what lead me to buying a Deep Action exfoliating Scrub by Clean and Clear from Walmart the other day.

So why not review this new product that I’m just starting to use in hopes that it’ll save my skin before Friday? (Spoiler: I was lazy and there was no way this breakout is clearing up before Friday)

So the scrub comes in a really simple squeeze bottle that is opaque at the top and fades to a transparent material at the bottom. It also has a gradient from a dark blue to a teal, and  it looks nice sitting in the bathroom next to the night time face wash.

I’ve been using this once every other day to try to really get some of the gross stuff off my skin quicker, and it really did. It got a lot of the dead skin off of my face and my foundation went on so much better after. It also felt oddly nice for the “beads” to sort of really scrub. I did scrub a little too hard for like a minute where it wasn’t that comfortable, but other than that it felt really nice to use and left my skin feeling so nice after.

Overall I am going to continue this product, and you’ll see it in next week’s post My Makeup and Skin Routine Summer 2017, which will be up on Monday.

What’s your favorite part of your skin care routine? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,


Three Things I’ve Learned About Moving Back Home After College

About a week ago I managed to graduate college, and although many people think that means moving on to greater and better things, that’s pry far from the truth.

I’m proud of myself and my accomplishments, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve found myself plopped back right where I was four years ago with only a few changes. I had to move back into my mom’s house, I’m looking for a job, I have no income, and I sit home all day getting bored even though I have a long long long list of things to do. Although I’m looking for jobs and apartments and I actually have a chance to relax I’m really restless and I find myself wondering if I’ll ever get out of this house. After four years, a few thousand dollars, endless amounts of coffee, a few all nighters, and too many moments where I wondered what I was doing with my life I’m back in the same place with the same people, wondering what I’m doing with my life.

So in the last week of living with my mother, brother, and two pets in my childhood home here are some things that I’ve learned.

The first thing that I learned very quickly is that I needed to downsize and get rid of a lot of stuff. Although I hauled about eight bags to donations before I moved there is still more stuff here that I need to get rid of. I also have found that I need to go through my room, since it’s been left untouched for almost three years and really could use a good cleaning.

Although there are a lot of memories in that room that I don’t want to lose, I need to go through and make sure that what I’m keeping are actual memories that mean something and not just things that I don’t want to let go. One of these things is a hat that I got in high school from a party. I don’t think I have ever actually worn the thing, but I keep it because it’s cute and reminds me of that time in my life. I’m honestly pry going to get rid of it, because I have pictures and scrapbooks from that time to help me remember and I’m still friends with those people so old stories come up often.

The second thing that I learned is that communication is key, and designating a spot for yourself to go to get out of an argument/situation or to just get away from everyone is a must. For me that’s just going outside on our deck or front step. My mom is able to see me in both of those places, but she sees me writing, talking on the phone, or reading. This means that she sees that I’m busy/preoccupied so she won’t come bother me unless it’s necessary, which means that I get some time alone to breath and just think when the house gets noisy or chaotic.

Just to clarify this isn’t a knock against anyone that I live with. I’m an introvert, which for me can mean that being with people all of the time can drive me up a wall if we can’t just sit and be quiet. My mom is sort of the opposite, she loves to talk with my brother and I when we’re around which isn’t a bad thing by any means. For me, though, since I don’t feel like I can politely tell my mom to please be quiet and just let me be it means that I have to choose to remove myself from that room. Once again this isn’t anything against my mom or saying that she’s wrong or something, it just means that we’re different people and that’s OK.

The last thing that I’ve learned is that you don’t have to like your family, but you have to love them.

This isn’t anything new, this phrase actually came up a lot of me in high school but is really relevant in my life now. I don’t have to like anyone in my family, and with the amount of times I’ve wanted to hurt my brother or kick him out this week will attest to that. At the end of the day I still love him and I’m happy to hear when his car pulls up and he’s home safe. You can have as many arguments, as many fights, or as many screaming sessions as you want but you still have to love each other.

I know that this is hard, but when you live anywhere with three people you WILL NOT agree on everything, and especially when it’s with your family you have to fix the issue. When you live with family you have to love them because most of the time they aren’t going anywhere and you still have to live with the.

The last week has been hard, and has been one hell of an adjustment, but with some really good communication and a little bit of help from everyone involved I know that this will all work out and be fine.

I’ve learned a lot more in the last week than is in this post, so watch out for more on this topic in the future. (And if you’re moving in with your family again leave a question down below and it might turn into a post.)

I’ll see you soon,


Worklog: My First Doll Custom May 2017

At the beginning of the year I found Dollightful on Youtube. She makes videos about customizing dolls, and I thought that it was really cool so I decided to buy a doll and try it.

Before I started I watched a lot of videos from Dollightful as well as HeXtianMozekyto, and MariaLazar to sort of try to figure out what I was doing. They had a lot of good examples and I was able to figure out the general idea of what I needed to do when I attempted this project.

I decided to try this project with this Apple White Doll from ever after high. I got it used off of Ebay with the Raven Queen Doll because they were just sort of what I found and I didn’t want to pay full price for a doll that may end up in the trash or ruined at the end of all of this.

img_6927The first step I took was to remove her head from the body, cut off a food chunk of her hair, and take her face off . Once that was all done I was left with this.

The next thing I did was I took out the rest of her hair. This was so much harder than I thought that it would be, and took me a lot longer. As I figured out that I didn’t really know what I was doing I watched some youtube videos and actually ended up taking a flat head screw driver to try to loosen the glue and hair plugs so that they were easier to get out. This did speed up the process, but I’m not sure if it hurts the plastic at all or what.

image1 (1)For putting the hair back into her head it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, honestly. The hardest part was keeping all of the hair organized, and to be honest I don’t have a clue of how to do it well. I’m still working on it. I did end up not having enough hair, but I honestly think that if you actually figure it out a 2oz hank will do you just fine.

I decided to reroot the hair because making a wig just scared me too much for my first custom attempt.

So that’s where this project is at the moment. I’m waiting on more hair to arrive in the mail so I can continue, but it shouldn’t take too long so check back for updates later.

See you soon,


I Am Not Healthy… But I Wanna Be

I think I am going to get so much hate on this post, but please bear with me and do your best to be nice. I honestly don’t think that I’m healthy. I am 5’4″, 127.8 Ibs, I eat my veggies, and I love fruits. This all sort of adds up to a healthy person, but I’m still not really healthy at all. I can’t do a sit up, or a push up, I can’t run or lift much, and I never feel like I have enough energy for ANYTHING.

My level of fitness fits my lifestyle because I’m able to do EVERYTHING that I need to in my daily life. All of my tasks can be accomplished easily and I am able to walk for as long as I need to. So I’m able to get away with not being really healthy.

What sparked this was a doctor’s appointment that I scheduled (and then canceled). The person I was talking to asked me to rank my overall health, and I said a 2 because I don’t think that I’m healthy. She didn’t ask for an explanation but I talked to a few of my friends after that and I got their definitions of healthy, and I just sort of decided I’m not healthy. The days after I realized how I constantly was feeling sick, exhausted, or just mentally horrible and that kind of made me wake up and sort of got me to change some goals.

So now I’m done complaining, I’m going to fix it. Starting today I’m working to eat healthier, workout when I can, and just try to do better.

That’s kind of all I have for this. See you all on Wednesday.

See you soon,


The Mini MAMABI Happy Planner

If you’re like me when you’re stressed odds are that when you’re stressed you end up going shopping and buying things that you don’t really need.

This is what happened a week or two ago for me, and now I have changed my entire planner system and everything.

About a week or two ago I ended up at the store to buy some stickers for a completely separate thing, and ended up in the planner section. I ended up buying the mini MAMBI happy planner (click here for the one that I bought). I also bought more notes pages and the daily planning pages, and now I’ve completely reworked my planner system to include this small planner.

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So, this is sort of going to be a fun little post because I finally got to watch Moana with one of my friends. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we’ve been trying to see this movie since it was in theaters. BEfore I even started trying to see this movie with my friend he had been trying to see it since the release date.

When we tried to go see it in theaters we failed because we couldn’t get our schedules to match, so we agreed to see it when it came out on DVD. So fast forward to about a month ago when I was walking through target with my mom to find that it had come out. I bought a copy and got to watch Moana that night with my family. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it,  but I was still bent on watching it with my friend.

So the next week I had planned on going over to his house to watch the movie that I bad brought with me from home, but guess where the DVD was.

If you guessed at by mom’s house in the DVD player you’re right.

So that night we passed again, and rescheduled Moana for the next weekend. We still had a great time watching Game of Thones, though.

So I call my mom and she decided to mail me the DVD. And….I lost it. I’m really hoping that I find it while I clean my room to move, but at the moment that DVD is MIA and I had to buy a new one.

So that brings us to last weekend, where my friend didn’t really want to go home and ended up following me to target and then coming to my house to FINALLY watch the movie. This didn’t work either. Sadly, one of our other friends had gotten into a tight spot and he needed to go help her out.

But we finally got to see the movie, and we both enjoyed it.

Overall it was a great night, and I find it to be a funny story.

See you soon,


What I Hate About Family Gatherings

I’m going to start this by saying that I absolutely love my family, with that being, said they get on my nerves just like any other family members. Although I love them and I adore all of them There are still some things that I absolutely hate about family gatherings, and since Easter is coming up I thought that I would share some, because let’s face it they’re kind of funny sometimes.

The first thing I HATE, but totally get is the infamous college and after college questions. They’re the questions like “what are you doing after college?” “where are you going to college?” “what are your plans after high school?” “have you found a job yet?” “Are you going to be working an internship this summer?” All of those types of questions. Part of me does love them because I know that people are curious and that they are genuinely curious, and that’s great, but I swear every family member asks these questions of everyone and it’s so annoying. That and everyone in the age group that has to deal with these questions knows before they even get to the event that they’re going to get all of these questions and are already hate the questions.

Like the other day I was talking with one of my cousins and both of us knew that these questions were in our future, so we decided to hope that the upcoming weddings in our families take the spotlight. Since we know that won’t work we’re going to point all of our family members towards our third cousin that’s graduating this year, insisting that he has better plans than both of us combined. (Side note, we don’t know what our third cousin is up to. He just wasn’t part of the conversation so we decided he could deal with it.)

The next thing that I hate is just being in that awkward stage where you don’t fit in with the adults, but you’re too old for the kids. Like Park of me doesn’t really care, but the other part of me wonders what I’m supposed to do because I don’t know anything about Disney Channel, but I can’t afford to go travel cool places or know what you’re talking about when it comes to politics. So this makes me sit on the couch playing on my phone and being anti-social and rude, which will get commented on. The only thing that I can do to solve this is grab any of my cousins who are in college or late high school and talk with them in hopes that no real adult will come talk to us because I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m also not sure about anyone else, but if you come from a big family like my dad’s side, you will meet at new family member at every family event. I’m not talking about the little babies, because guess what I know all those babies and gave you a gift, I’m talking about adults that you didn’t know existed but are apparently my cousin. I’ve actually gotten to the point of OK, welcome to the family, and I don’t question it I walk away and find my second cousins that I grew up with so that I actually know people and know what they’re up to so I can actually talk with them.

I do love all my family and I do like to see them. I’m just an introvert, so hanging out with everyone in smaller groups with no one asking me about my plan for the future, because let’s face it I can’t even stick to or create a real meal plan that doesn’t involve McDonalds.

If you can relate to any of this let me know in the comments. If you’re a family member of mine and you’ve made it this far, please ask me how work is going and not about what I’m doing come May 15th. Please?

See you soon,