The Mini MAMABI Happy Planner

If you’re like me when you’re stressed odds are that when you’re stressed you end up going shopping and buying things that you don’t really need.

This is what happened a week or two ago for me, and now I have changed my entire planner system and everything.

About a week or two ago I ended up at the store to buy some stickers for a completely separate thing, and ended up in the planner section. I ended up buying the mini MAMBI happy planner (click here for the one that I bought). I also bought more notes pages and the daily planning pages, and now I’ve completely reworked my planner system to include this small planner.

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Three Ways I’ve Planned My School Work

Over the last two years that I’ve been using Erin Condren Planners I’ve used three different methods of checking my school work, and today I really wanted to share them with you. With anything there are infinite different ways to do this, but these are the three that have worked for me and that I’ve found have helped me a lot.

Half Boxes

The first way I noted my school word was that every class got a half box on the day that I had that class. This was really helpful and worked when I was only writing down what was due that day, but I found that if I was writing down the readings, quizzes, or anything in detail it wasn’t as useful and it actually became really crowded. What I did really like, though, was that this method had me constantly going to the syllabus and I was more attentive to making sure that the right thing was read for that class. It also looked really nice in my planner and helped me get the overview of everything really easily.


For me I found that this was the most effective way to get a lot of information down, but it didn’t look very good. Every day, at the top of my planner, I had a checklist for my school work. I would have a three heart checklist if I only had one class in a day or a five heart checklist if  I had two or more classes in a day. I really liked how much detail I was able to go into, and it was a great system, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I felt like it made my planner look messy and overwhelmed me at the very beginning of each day, even if everything was checked off and I didn’t need to do anything before class that day. I also didn’t like that I was often missing things because I wouldn’t look at the syllabus as often anymore, and that bothered me as well. I think that this only lasted a month or two, and although it was efficient I just didn’t really like it.

Using the Sidebar

I don’t know why the everyday checklists overwhelmed me, but this doesn’t. Every week lately I’ve been putting down as many check lists as I can in my sidebar, and at the top I write all of the assignments that are do and under those all of the readings that I have to do. I actually really like this system and I don’t really know why, but it seems easier than the checklists every day and really does work for me.

If you’re a student how to do you mark your homework and due dates in your planner? Let me know down in the comments!

See you soon,


Graduation Countdown Has Begun

I am incredibly guilty of having moments where things that I know are happening suddenly become very very real. Unlike last time, though, I can’t put this one off. The last time I had one of these moments was when Kurt asked me about a lamp and I realized that I would be moving in with him. Now we aren’t moving in together, but this time I can’t put my new “lamp” off.

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Pros and Cons of Bullet Journaling

Every planner system has pros and cons, and it’s looking and figuring out those pros and cons that help us know what might work best for us. The bullet Journal is do different, and if you’re thinking about trying this system I think that you should defiantly continue reading. All of these come from my experiences with the system and no one else’s, so let’s start!


I always like to start off with the pros because if I’m telling you guys about something odds are that I already like/love it.

The first pro that I have is that the system is totally unique to you. Since you’re the one creating it on a blank page you control everything about this system, and I do love that. It also allows you to be flexible with what you need. If one week you want a horizontal spread and the next week you want daily spreads go for it, it’s all up to you. I love the flexibility with this system (partly because this semester I’ve had a lovely habit of forgetting my notebook, so my bullet journal does have some class notes). It really allows you to get what you need in one spot, and I absolutely love that because as a college student everything is always changing.

Pry my favorite thing about this system is how inexpensive it is. When I started I spent about $5 on a new notebook, but in reality I didn’t really even need to because you can use ANY notebook and any pen for this system. The initial system is super easy too (click here to go to the bullet journal website to find out more). I actually showed it to my mom at some point and she thought that it was sort of insane how simple the system was, because we should have been able to figure that out on our own. Even with the added ideas from other places (Pintrest) on the internet the system was so simple to use.


My main issue with this system is how you need to be able to sustain it on your own. There is no way around it, but if you are lazy one week and just don’t get to filling out or creating pages in your journal it will not get done. As a college student and someone with depression it can be so hard for me to get motivated sometimes, and even to do a simple spread for the week in my bullet journal can be hard sometimes. I feel like having a little bit set up for you would help, but that would take away from the point of the system.

My other issue is that as you look through the internet you can easily get discouraged with this system. When I first started to research this system I went bonkers because I couldn’t make the beautiful spread that other people could make. Although my spreads still are no where near fabulous they’re very functional and very useful to me, so I’m still getting great use out of this system.

So those are the pros and cons, as you can tell I do like this system and I will continue to use it, but you just can’t get caught up on how “pretty” your spreads look. Personally I have my Erin Condren for that, my Bullet Journal is the functional one that I want to get messy and scratch things out in.

What do you think of the bullet journal system? Have you tried it in the past? Let me know down in the comments.

See you soon,


Being Away From My ESA

14705862_10205365710061938_899463526611345550_nHello again all,

this isn’t really an educational post, it’s much more a journal post about what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks while I’ve been away from Gatsby. If you don’t know Gatsby is my ESA, and life can be a little bit hard without him. So, I wanted to post this journal in order to show everyone how much animals can help with mental illness, and to sort of break the silence that comes with mental illness.

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College Pet Problems

10 issues that your pet will have with you, if you take them to college with you and they become a college pet, written from the prospective of my pets.

  1. Never enough treats, because mom can’t afford to give me endless treats like I want
  2. Not having a giant cage because there’s no room for it…. so the minimum will have to do
  3. Everyone watching me while I sleep because I’m “too cute”
  4. Hearing mom wake up really early for classes, and waking me up even though it isn’t on purpose.
  5. Mom keeping the lights on late at night working instead of playing with me.
  6. Not enough treats.
  7. Car rides to Grandma and Grandpa’s (we really hate those)
  8. Lots of short term pet sitters if mom has to go on a night-time field trip
  9. Mom never leaves us alone (because we live in her bedroom)
  10. We never get enough treats!!! More treats mom!!!

July Erin Condren Order

This will be a short post, but I wanted to share what I got in my latest Erin Condren order and what I think about what I got as a first impressions post.

So first I got the Don’t Quit Your Daydream cover, which I like but I’m starting to have some issues because my planner is a little too full so it’s starting to “pop” a little bit. This isn’t the fault of the company though, it’s just my life. I really honestly like this cover and it’s tied for my favorite with my create your own serenity one.

The next thing I got was the dashboard, which I keep temporary lists in that I won’t need to know about in two years or I won’t need to dispute with anyone later (aka my target list that my mom was helping me pay for may need to be disputed or talked about later, so I want to keep it).

The last thing I got are the wet erase markers, which I’m kinda sad about because they do rub off over time (which makes me sad) and the purple one is really weird and it sort of erases itself really quickly.

Anyways, that’s what I got in my latest order from Erin Condren. What’s on your planner wish list? Let me know down below!

See you soon,