8 Things I Want To Try

Just like everyone else at the start of the new year, I had a few things that I wanted to do. I’m no where near getting any of the stuff on that list done, but creating a bucket list sort of seemed like a way to procrastinate (like I am on my homework today) and sort of do the resolution thing at the same time. Today I wanted to share with you some things that I want to attempt to try in my life time.  Continue reading

Top 5 Self Care Ideas

Recently I’ve wanted to start taking time for self care every day, which has made me sort of get creative with what I do so that I do things that are manageable for me to do every single day .

Self Care means that you take time out of your day to take care of yourself and make sure that you are healthy and taking time to relax. Often times for me it’s taking lazy time during the day to watch a few youtube videos or to go shopping online for a little bit, but these are my top 10 things that I do once a day to help me take care of myself and relax a little bit.

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Tattoos and piercings in 2017

As 2017 begins those around me start to make lists of resolutions and things that they want to do in 2017. While I was talking to a friend of mine I realize that I wanted to make a list of body modifications that I want to get done in 2017. So after some consideration I realized that there are a few things that I really want to do in 2017.

Belly Button Piercing

I’ve wanted this for a few years now and I will get it done in 2017. I have the money set aside and the drive to take care of it while it’s healing and it’ll all be great.

tattoomotive-net_igel-tattoo-designs-mit-bedeutungen-20-ideen-11Hedgehog Tattoo

I really want a hedgehog tattoo. I don’t know where and I don’t know how but, but I want to get a hedgehog tattoo or a general pet memorial tattoo.

Memorial Tattoo

So, if you don’t know yet my father passed away and I want to get a small memorial tattoo in remembrance of him. It’s going to be small because he really didn’t want us to get memorial tattoos for him, but my rebellious stage wasn’t too horrible so I’m just gonna do it. I want to make it possibly sort of general for all of those who pass in my life. I really want it to go with the saying “Stalked by Demons; Guarded by Angels”. I’m pry going to have my niece draw something up for me.

November Favorites

Although it’s a little late I wanted to share my November Favorites with all of you.

It’s been a very hard month this year because of my dad’s health issues and Gatsby’s passing, but I thought that I would bring up some happy thoughts so that everything isn’t sad and miserable.


I’ve really discovered a lot of new music this month. I’ve really felt connected to these songs because of where I sort of am in life right now.

I really like the song Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Set It Off right now because I really do feel like that with some people in my life right now. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one who feels like that at the moment, and it reminds me that I’m not a horrible person for feeling like that.

Heathans by 21 Piolets and Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez are also in my top songs because they sort of take me to a relaxing place and lets me dive into myself and lets me process what I’m feeling and thinking.

The Last song is Closer by Chain Smokers. I really like this song because it’s the only song at the moment that Kurt and I will agree on 100%. Hearing that song makes me feel close to him again and lets me feel like I’m not so alone.


Yes, I like anime. I’ve watched way too much of it this month.

The first show that I watched was Diabolic Lovers. I thought that it was ok, but it wasn’t my favorite. I feel like they really need to go back and figure out motives and small details that I think are going to add more to the story than what they have right now.

The next show that I watched was Dance With Devils, which I just didn’t like. I debated not even mentioning it here, but I decided to mention it and let you all know that it wasn’t that great. At all.

Then Kurt and I finally finished what we had to watch of Magi, which was a great show that I absolutely loved. We’ve already started watching Magi: Adventures of Sinbad and I am too excited about that show.


SO I don’t have a ton of favorites this month, but I wanted to mention what I do have. I really like my current Planner Cover, because let’s face it Halloween is my Holiday and I really don’t want to move on from it. I also am in love with the MissPlansPrintables Monthly kits because I feel like it comes with enough stuff that I am able to really plan out my month regardless of how busy or slow it is. I am also really liking my Bullet Journal this month because I feel like I have a place to literally just to brain dumps and be able to find the information later.


So this month I have a few new favorites for Hair and Beauty.

I really like Manic Panic: Vampire Red because I feel like it refreshes my color and helps it fade out really nicely when I wash it. I just add a little to my conditioner, let it sit, and it works very well.

I also am in love with hair bows or beanies. I don’t know why but I always love beanies around this time of the year, pry because they’re warm and I’m always cold. I’m sort of surprised with my obsession with hair bows in the recent weeks because I feel like they’re out of season and are sort of misplaced in the middle of snow.

The last thing that I’m in love with is Tony Moly face masks. They’re a little more expensive, but they make my face feel so much better and of the ones that I’ve used they smell so nice.


So those are my favorites of the month, I hope you enjoyed! what are you obsessing over right now? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon,