PaperCrownPlanner Review

Recently I had the chance to buy and use some kits from PaperCrownPlanner on Etsy, and I found that I really did love the kits (more than I planned to).

I felt like the art in the two kits that I purchased was unique, which was what drew me to the kits to begin with. I absolutely love the art in most of her kits, and I think that it is very refreshing and a great change from the slightly more cartoon-ish kits that I normally am pulled to and use in my planner.

As far as if I have enough stickers to do everything that I need to I found that it was a little short, so these kits will pry be used more on weeks that I have time off from school and I do white-space spreads instead of the normal no white space spreads that I often do. I also had a lot of “extra” stickers that I could use if needed throughout the week, and I really wish that I had been able to use this kit during the month that it was for.

I also found that buying the extra half box listing was very helpful with this kit because it means that I could use it in conjunction with kits and be able to use them during a school week.

Overall I did like this kit and I found it easy to cut out. I hope to use more kits from this shop in the future, and I can’t wait to share those spreads with out.

See you soon,



Lucia’s One Year Photos

About a week or two we had the great job of celebrating Lucia’s first gotcha day!

We can’t believe that our little princess has been with us for this year of joys and memories. She has a personality all her own and we wouldn’t change that for anything.

We love you Lucia ❤

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Being Away From My ESA

14705862_10205365710061938_899463526611345550_nHello again all,

this isn’t really an educational post, it’s much more a journal post about what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks while I’ve been away from Gatsby. If you don’t know Gatsby is my ESA, and life can be a little bit hard without him. So, I wanted to post this journal in order to show everyone how much animals can help with mental illness, and to sort of break the silence that comes with mental illness.

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