So My Laptop Died

So… yeah.

At the end of two weeks ago I was working on a paper and my laptop freaked out so I restarted it and…. it didn’t come back.

So what does this mean? Because that’s what you’re really concerned about.

It means really bad photos and I will be writing all of my blog posts on my tablet.

So until my laptop returns I’m going to say don’t expect a ton from this blog in the next few weeks but once I get the laptop back I will be back to my normal quality of content and everything will be okay!


Just a little Crisis

I’m not sure how many people have anxiety, but I’m pretty sure it’s common enough where I can post this and people will know what I’m talking about. I’ve been having a really hard week and everything just seems to be everywhere. So let’s talk about it a little bit.

Kurt’s Graduating

I haven’t kept it a secret that Kurt’s graduating, but when we were at lunch with his family I found the date fell out of my mouth quickly and then I realized how close that was going to be. The realization of that has just given me a panic attack and as the day creeps closer I find myself getting a huge stomach ace over it.

My niece is pregnant!

So I don’t really talk about my nieces and nephews on this blog, but they do exist, and the second youngest just announced that she is pregnant. Although I am super happy for her I’m finding it sort of hard to realize that she’s going to become a mom. I reached out to her and she’s been talking to me a lot, but it’s just a thing that is sort of scaring me.


So this last week was the wonderful week of housing and I’m happy to say that I have a four person apartment, but the track to that was long and hard and nothing went right. I’m happy to say we ended up where we wanted to be but it was hard and anxiety inducing. So after not getting three different apartments I’m happy to say that for right now I do have a place to live next year.

After college

recently I’ve been helping Kurt with budgeting and such and I actually started looking at my own after college plan. I’m finding that it’s changing a lot but I’m happy that I am finding that I will be able to do my sort of new plan (post about that this time next year)


So after having a very stressful week I’m going to be going back to the regularly scheduled programing next week.

See you soon,


When Things Go Bad

In the last week a lot of things have gone wrong. I’m not really going to talk about them here because they are personal, but a lot has been going on.

So today I just want to talk about some stuff that I do when things go bad, and hopefully these will help you out if you’re having a bad day or going through a bad time.

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I’ve never really mentioned this on my blog, but I thought of it over the weekend while I was talking to Kurt about the “Deep Clean” for my pets that will be going on this weekend.

This weekend Lucia’s cage is getting a Deep Clean, which means that Gatsby is getting a deep clean, which means I’m going to have to clean my tub before my roommate or I use it.

So, how do I do a deep clean? Why is this post titled Vinegar?

Stay with me here, let’s keep going.

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