My Command Center: July 2017

Recently I’ve been so excited about these new projects called “Command Centers” that are popping up all over Pintrest, and all over my creative feeds. So like a lot of people I created a Pintrest board, and started to collect ideas. It wasn’t until one morning after my bedroom was painted that I decided I could use a version of this myself, but not exactly how all of these are used.


I had an extra corkboard laying around so I pulled that out to start with and then started to look at what I wanted to keep track of and what I wanted to see everyday. I came up with these things:

A Monthly Overview

IMG_0341.JPGI really wanted to see my month at a glance so that I knew when and where I was traveling, when I wanted projects done, birthdays coming up, and so on. I use this a lot because I talk on my phone in my room so that’s always where I am when I’m trying to make plans so this is really helpful for me. I also keep next month’s calendar up so that I an sort of plan ahead. I don’t plan much more than a month in advance so I only keep the next month posted.

A Weekly Calendar

When I first put up my Command Center I wanted a weekly calendar up so that I could see my To Do list and my plans for the week. I really wanted to see what was in my planner on my wall, so I actually found these printables on the Scattered Squirrel Blog, and I tried a few out to find the best one for me.

IMG_0338A Fitness Section

I’ve been on a health kick – sort of – thing recently and I really wanted a place to track what my workouts were, how often I did them, my measurements, and my goals. Seeing them every day when I wake up reminds me what I want to do, where I want to be, and how to do it so it’s more likely that I’ll do it. I found this printable kit on and I’ve found that I absolutely love it. It’s easy to fill out, keep up with, and read on a daily basis so that I’m much more likely to do what I’ve written down.


IMG_0342So after printing everything out an organizing it on the board I ended up really happy with it, but I found that over time it sort of changed. The first week I didn’t update my weekly page, and I found that working out of a bullet journal was easier for me and more effective. So, that was taken down. I also took down the current weight because it fluctuates a pound almost every day and it was just too annoying to keep up.

In the future I plan on putting up the latest Blogilates Calander. I plan on using Blogilates as my main workout program because when I was working out two-ish years ago it was my absolute favorite thing to do and I had so much fun with it. I also want to put up positive notes from friends, and a depression tracker that I found on the blog Writes Like A Girl. I want to get a better grip on my depression and anxiety, and I want to see that more on my Command Center.

This Command Center will change when I move out, and might even change more before I move, so look out for more updates and changes!

What would you put in your command center? Tell me in the comments below!

See you soon,



Worklog: My First Doll Custom May 2017

At the beginning of the year I found Dollightful on Youtube. She makes videos about customizing dolls, and I thought that it was really cool so I decided to buy a doll and try it.

Before I started I watched a lot of videos from Dollightful as well as HeXtianMozekyto, and MariaLazar to sort of try to figure out what I was doing. They had a lot of good examples and I was able to figure out the general idea of what I needed to do when I attempted this project.

I decided to try this project with this Apple White Doll from ever after high. I got it used off of Ebay with the Raven Queen Doll because they were just sort of what I found and I didn’t want to pay full price for a doll that may end up in the trash or ruined at the end of all of this.

img_6927The first step I took was to remove her head from the body, cut off a food chunk of her hair, and take her face off . Once that was all done I was left with this.

The next thing I did was I took out the rest of her hair. This was so much harder than I thought that it would be, and took me a lot longer. As I figured out that I didn’t really know what I was doing I watched some youtube videos and actually ended up taking a flat head screw driver to try to loosen the glue and hair plugs so that they were easier to get out. This did speed up the process, but I’m not sure if it hurts the plastic at all or what.

image1 (1)For putting the hair back into her head it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, honestly. The hardest part was keeping all of the hair organized, and to be honest I don’t have a clue of how to do it well. I’m still working on it. I did end up not having enough hair, but I honestly think that if you actually figure it out a 2oz hank will do you just fine.

I decided to reroot the hair because making a wig just scared me too much for my first custom attempt.

So that’s where this project is at the moment. I’m waiting on more hair to arrive in the mail so I can continue, but it shouldn’t take too long so check back for updates later.

See you soon,