Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub Review

After taking two weeks and really not taking care of my skin, like at all, during a stressful time where I really should have been taking care of my skin I can say that my skin isn’t in the best condition right now. That’s sort of what lead me to buying a Deep Action exfoliating Scrub by Clean and Clear from Walmart the other day.

So why not review this new product that I’m just starting to use in hopes that it’ll save my skin before Friday? (Spoiler: I was lazy and there was no way this breakout is clearing up before Friday)

So the scrub comes in a really simple squeeze bottle that is opaque at the top and fades to a transparent material at the bottom. It also has a gradient from a dark blue to a teal, and  it looks nice sitting in the bathroom next to the night time face wash.

I’ve been using this once every other day to try to really get some of the gross stuff off my skin quicker, and it really did. It got a lot of the dead skin off of my face and my foundation went on so much better after. It also felt oddly nice for the “beads” to sort of really scrub. I did scrub a little too hard for like a minute where it wasn’t that comfortable, but other than that it felt really nice to use and left my skin feeling so nice after.

Overall I am going to continue this product, and you’ll see it in next week’s post My Makeup and Skin Routine Summer 2017, which will be up on Monday.

What’s your favorite part of your skin care routine? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,



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