Two Year Anniversary

“Kurt! Smile!

For those of you who don’t know Kurt and I have been dating for a long time.

Two years this Sunday, actually.

So, I’ve decided to pick Kurt’s brain and bring  you a little FAQ with both of our answers.

The Questions are bolded, Kurt’s answers are normal, and my answers are in italics.

How did you two meet?

we met through work.

Kurt and I met at our work. We were both working at the dining hall and I took over for him at the end of his shift. The first time I met him my mind went completely blank and I stumbled on words for about a week until I was able to say a coherent sentence to him. On Halloween he messaged me on Facebook asking if I wanted to hangout. Since I wasn’t doing anything I agreed and we ended up dating.

What was your favorite date?

thats a tough one! I would have to say the bowling and dinner date that we had recently. We got to do an interactive activity, then we got to walk around Sam’s Club and then had a nice dinner  it was fun just to have a day together.

my favorite dates are when we just drive around and talk while eating food. It’s just sort of peaceful and we’re able to focus on each other because we don’t have our phones or anything.  

Cookie Loves Kurt, as shown by this picture

Cookie Loves Kurt, as shown by this picture

What’s a habit that you hate about the other?

i wish Amanda would be more positive  One negative thought will make the entire day a bad day.

I hate when Kurt brings out his phone while we’re eating a meal. it drives me insane.

What’s a habit you love about the other?

Amanda is always down for cuddles and she is great about planning for things (and probably over planning)

I love how Kurt loves fashion and how he gets very passionate about things that he loves. It makes me want to do what I love more and provides a positive momentum in both of our lives.

What’s your biggest struggle in the relationship?

When Amanda gets so upset she doesn’t want to communicate and work out problems because it makes me make bad decisions.

Letting it go that Kurt has more friends who are girls than friends who are guys (it makes a lot of uncomfortable rumors that frustrate me).

What’s your favorite part of the relationship?

that we do actually communicate well  and how we are open about things between us.

That Kurt loves to cuddle as much as I do.

Kurt! Yes? We haven't taken a picture of us kissing in a while.

We haven’t taken a picture of us kissing in a while.

What do you think the other person would change about you?

Amanda would change my party habits. Or make it so she was more upbeat.

Kurt would change it so that I knew exactly what I wanted to eat when we eat out. That or the amount of sweets I eat.


Kinetic Learning and Planning

If you don’t know, I started this blog because of a class that I am currently taking.

Earlier this week my professor and I were standing and waiting for the elevator (I was going to class and she was going to her office) and she asked me a question that I had been expecting.

“So what’s this sticker thing you write about?”

The previous week I had turned in my Sweet Cheeky Designs Review as the Blog Post that I had been assigned.

So, I pulled out my planner and began to explain this planning thing that I had began.

The conversation concluded with the idea that I was a visual learner and that this helped me.

I am a kinetic learner.

So what is kinetic learning? It’s when you learn best by doing things  instead of watching or hearing it. A way of doing this is by writing things down on paper, or in this case putting a sticker down in a planner.

In the growing of the electronic age studies have found that people typically don’t remember what they typed, instead they are more likely to remember things that are written down. So, in this growing age of electronics it is becoming more difficult for many kinetic learners to remember or learn (If you’re in school).

Since I began planning I’ve found that I remember and DO more things that I plan in my planner.

putting down stickers, writing, planning spreads, ect, all put more effort into planning and has me DOING things, which helps me ‘learn’ what I need to do.

If you are interested in finding out what kind of learner you are you can take this quiz to help you find out.

Stitch’s Care Routine

Stitch looking for treats that I hid in his house

Stitch looking for treats that I hid in his house

Recently on Facebook several people have asked me what it’s like to take care of Stitch, my robo hamster, while in college.

What I like about taking care of a hamster while in college is that it isn’t too much of a commitment because it does change every day.

Part of the reason I like having a robo is because they also don’t need human interaction and typically don’t crave it.

Stitch has proved that he doesn’t want to really be tamed, but he does enjoy minimal human interaction, which is proving to fit into my life much better than other pets.

7:45 a.m. – Stitch is up looking for food and ends up waking me up. This is when I’ll get up and give him more food or some treats and spend some time with him until he wants to go to sleep.

Tasks I do during the day:

refill water, give food if the bowl is empty, give small treats for him to forage for at night, clean wheels and spot clean.

Every week:

  • Do a Health Check
  • Clean food dishes and water dish with soap

Once a month:

clean out the cage and the toys

Once a year:

Deep Clean the cage with disinfectant

“I feel like I’m abandoning you.”

Kurt and I took a hike in the woods after classes and took a break to snap a few pictures!

Kurt and I took a hike in the woods after classes and took a break to snap a few pictures!

If you don’t know this Kurt is a year older than me, which mean that this Spring he will be graduating from school with a Political Science degree.

After graduating Kurt has chosen (at the moment) to stay around the area we are now and go to graduate school a year later.

Yesterday Kurt and I had a heart to heart about all of it.

I have a problem with all of this. My problem is that I feel like I’m abandoning him.

What we are thinking is that he get an apartment that I can move into right when I get out of college, which means that it has to be big enough for both of us AND allow pets.

Not only do I see the rent as a problem, but I see the issues of buying things for the apartment as a problem. Things like beds and couches are expensive and I feel bad for making him buy them on his own.

We’ve been talking and we think that we might split the costs down the middle, or we each buy things individually. (He buy a bed, I buy a couch, he buy dishes, I buy bathroom stuff, ect.).

I’m still uncomfortable with this, though, because I don’t like not being able to use a thing that I buy.

Since we have no other options at the moment we are really trying to work hard on this, and we plan on me living with him over the summer and then moving back to campus in the fall. I don’t like that though because I don’t like feeling like I’m living off of him and not paying rent.

For now Kurt’s told me to worry about signing up for classes in two weeks, but at the beginning of next year we will plan on starting to figure this out.

so yeah, following the typical Friday thing where I talk about something random in my life. Not too interesting, but to me it’s relevant.

Fall Hedgie Care Routine

By now you all know Gatsby my hedgehog.

Gatsby during cuddle time just wanting to explore.

Gatsby during cuddle time just wanting to explore.

What you don’t know is that my parents are thinking about getting a hedgehog after falling in love with my little guy.

So, since I was writing this up for them I thought that I would post it here to help anyone else looking at adopting a spiky little friend.

9a.m. – I get up and go over to Gatsby’s cage to check to see if he pooped, how much he ate, how much he drank and check the temperature

8p.m. – clean Gatsby’s wheel and take out any soiled litter

9p.m. – take Gatsby out for play time. (This lasts for up to two hours and depends on how long I have to spend with him, the night of the week, how much homework I have and how he’s behaving.)

11p.m.- fill up the food dish, fill water if needed, check temperature, refill litter (if needed) and put Gatsby back into his cage to take a nap.

Weekly Jobs:
Replace all litter, clean out litter pan with disinfectant, wash food and water dishes with soap, give a foot bath and change fleeces (normally done 3 times a week).

Monthly Jobs:
A full bath, deep clean all of the cage, run fleeces through the washer three times and check heating system to make sure nothing is broken.

Gatsby Update

Gatsby in his fort

Gatsby in his fort

Alright, so over the last week or so a lot has happened with Gatsby, so this is just to let everyone know what’s up.

Alright so two weeks ago I decided that Gatsby had quill loss that wasn’t a normal seasonal quilling. At the vet I found out that Gatsby has a bad case of the mites, and we now have medication to treat that.

I thought that this was going to be the worst of it….. but that never goes as planned.

When I moved into my apartment for this school year I found that the only place to put Gatsby’s cage was by a drafty window. I decided to stop my current heating plan (to keep the apartment warm) and to get a heating system.

I planned on spreading the  cost out over a few months, but as I was sitting in Taco John’s about a week or so ago I found that the head in my apartment won’t be turned on for a few more weeks.

As soon as I got home I ordered the last of the  things that I needed for the heating system in hopes that it would be in my mail box in two days.

I’m still waiting on the CHE bulb.

A day after I ordered the supplies I called my mom and had her come get Gatsby to go to my parent’s house because they already had the heat on.

So for now Gatsby is hanging out with my parents and brother at my parent’s house and will be staying there until this Saturday, once I have the heating system up, running, and tested.

So if you’re on my Instagram and you haven’t seen many pictures of Mr. Gatsby that is why, and I promise that he will be back within the week.

Sweet Cheeky Designs Etsy Review

As the Planner Community Grows we seem to have taken over Etsy as well, and as stickers become more expensive many more people are printing off stickers such as the ones that Sweet Cheeky Designs sells.

The owner of Sweet Cheeky Designs, Jennifer Zuniga, joined Etsy and opened her shop in July of this year (2015).

Since then she has gotten 931 sales and has 244 reviews that average five starts.

Her print outs are always around $2.50, which is affordable to most.

Her shop has taken off in the last two months as the planner (or sticker) craze began to hit buyer’s checkbooks. Once buyers found that they could buy, print and cut their own stickers the trend began to grow, attributing to the success of Sweet Cheeky Designs.

Last Month I bought her Printable Essential Planner Kit and I found that it was helpful as I began attempting to print most everything for my planner.

The kit comes with Colored Checklists, Ombre Heart Checklists, Heart Flag Checklists, Half Box Checklists, Meal Planning, Weekly Tracker, Weekend Banner, Headers and weekly hydrate stickers.

When I was printing things out I did find that some of them were unusable because something was wrong with it, but upon further inspection I found that it was a miscommunication between the computer and printer.

The kit proved to be well worth it’s money and quickly helped me fill up space in my planner, get me more organized and saved me money and time. I also found that they weren’t as hard to cut out as I thought that they would, which was a helpful surprise.

This last week I used her Autumn Owls and Checklists print out, and found that I did enjoy using the set. It was easy to cut the stickers out as they were all laid out on the page so that the stickers in columns and rows.

It was also very easy to color match the pintables with stickers that I have bought in the past so I was able to fill the spread to what I wanted rather quickly.

Unfortunately I’ve found that I dislike the leaf checklists that were in the kit, because I typically don’t use them. I enjoy “no white space” spreads myself because it helps me feel like I’m not wasting my time during the day.

If you are interested in purchasing sets she has 25 theme and sampler print outs (11 specifically for fall), three monthly kits, and ten sets of functional stickers.

Although there are some personal preferences I feel like Sweet Cheeky Designs is a good buy and worth the price (as it does have a larger price tag than most pintables). The print outs are also well organized so that cutting is easy and it saves money in the long run.

I would give this shop a nine out of ten.