Plan With Me: Slytherin

So picking out what spread to do this week was a no brained, because of Tiffany’s birthday.

Tiffany is Kurtz older sister who is one of the loveliest people I have the pleasure of knowing. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan and a proud member of the Slytherin house.

I got this kit off of Etsy a few weeks ago. It’s by lepaperhouse and cost $3.

To use it I did have to mix in a hydration tracker, icons, and my habit trackers but overall it was a good spread. I wish it had a few more half boxes but it was a great kit to work with.

In the near future you will pry see more of this shop be cause I can’t get over her icons.

What do your planners look like this week?

See you soon,




How I Plan My Blog – Febuary 2016

Recently I’ve gotten a few questions about how I plan what my blog posts are going to be, and although sometimes it just comes down to what I want to write about that day I want to show you how I use this printable by Jolanthe from to plan out my blog. (I own nothing, I just want to share and support this printable.)

I first stumbled across this printable on Pintrest (because where else do I ever find pintables?). What I really wanted was an editorial calendar for my blog, but I also sort of¬†needed a to do list to keep everything in order. What drew me to this printable was the monthly calendar, but I’ve found the week by week more helpful than I originally believed that I would.

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Hamster DIY Test: Water Bottle Stand

I’ve decided to do a new monthly segment on my channel where I test Pet DIY videos.

For the first month I decided to go really easy and tested Pretty Paw’s DIY Hamster Water Bottle Holder where you make a water bottle holder out of a toilet paper roll. There are may different videos about how to make this and it isn’t very hard to do. You simply make a small hole and then insert the water bottle.

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Kaytee Bedding Review

So if you don’t know about Lucia’s recent adventures she went with her dad (Kurt) to his house for winter break. Of course Kurt and I totally underestimated what he would need and he had to get more bedding from the store. He picked up some Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding which he had seen in my apartment before and believed that I had normally bought that.

That is not what I normally buy, so I decided to review it.

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