Erin Condren Release Thoughts

I’m going to start this off with the fact that I didn’t order from the release yet. My mom and I wait until later in the year to do so and then we get our planners for Christmas from my grandparents.

At this point, though I’ve seen enough videos where I feel like I’m able to put my two cents into what happened during the release. So let’s get into it with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

I am going to say that I love the Lux planners because I know that people have really wanted it and I believe that my mom is really considering getting it this next year. I also really like the idea of having the black and white version because I feel like that does really help some people, but I can’t dedicate myself to that for an entire ear. It would be a really cool month, though.

The Bad

I really don’t like the fact that they made it water color and took away the accent colors. (Partly because I was really not looking forward to now having printable kits I can’t use). I also feel like it makes it harder to use kits with larger designs that might not fit well with the water colors, but i pry won’t care in the end to be honest and I’ll get used to it.

The ugly

I’m honestly really scared to get my planner because of all of the issues with the monthly pages being pixalated. I do actually seem to use my monthly pages more and more, so to me this is concerning and I’m afraid of what the colorful version will be like if the black and white is like that.


Overall I am nervously going to be ordering from Erin Condren again this year, but I’m very very scared about it an until I get my planner I will be sitting on pins and needles second guessing.

When I do order later in the year, there will be an unboxing and I can’t wait to show you guys what I ordered.

Which Planner Do you think you will be getting? Let Me Know Down Below!

See you soon,

Amanda Patch

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