My Hedgehog Wish List

So I wanted to do a DIY thing today, but I didn’t have the time to go get the materials so i thought that I would just put my thoughts down on a piece of paper and give you guys some ideas of things that I really want for Gatsby in the future. Most of these purchases are already planned and I’ll have a review or unboxing for a lot of them in the future.

I’ve split this list up into some sections to make it easier to follow, so let’s dive in and hopefully you get some fun ideas for your hedgehog or other small animals (guinea pigs can use a lot of the same things). 



picture from website

Although I like Gatsby’s cage now it’s no secret that I want to make it better. Not only do I want to expand it to a 2×3 I also want to get him this loft. I like this because I’m able to separate his wheel and use actual bedding in that section, which I know he will really appreciate. I also do plan on getting him a coroplast base from this website in the future, because I just can’t make a good one on my own.

This site also sells all the things to make a lid for your cage, which I’m very excited to have that planned as a DIY for next year once I move into my apartment. I’m pry going to buy some parts of it from this website, but all in all since I can’t buy just the lid from this site I’m going to have to DIY it. To be honest I love this site to get ideas for Gatsby’s cage because it really breaks it down to what you want your basic cage to be and then you can add on as much as you want!


So to be honest I don’t have a ton of toys on my list because a lot of it is just stuff that I regularly pick up or replace. Gastby loves pingpong balls tied to the top of his cage so I get him a lot of those, and PVC pipes I’ll buy him a new one for his gottcha day, holidays, and his Birthday. So, he doesn’t have a ton of toys on this list because he’s actually really set in what he’s up to.


il_570xN.715561522_qkiqSo treats are always a big thing in my house. We do a lot of freeze dried chicken and hedgehog foods for treats, but I would really like Gatsby to eat more of his freash veggies and fruits. I know this isn’t a real item on my wishlist, but hey, ya gotta give me credit.

Fleece Items

So yes, this needed it’s own section because It’s pry the longest part of all of them.

il_570xN.901677702_leutI recently ordered this cube and snuggle sack pack from Critter Hangouts. I can’t wait for ti to ship and I really hope that it’s a good product. If it is I’ll pry get a tunnel or two, a liner, and some other stuff out of the same pattern because I’m a huge fan of Pokemon and I absolutely love it. I’ll pry get some more things from this shop, but we’ll really have to see when the products get here. They just released some Nightmare Before Christmas products, so you can take a guess who was drooling over those.

The next shop I’ve been stalking lately is The Cozy Hut. I’m hesitant to buy from them because they are based in Germany and I don’t want to pay a ton of shippping, but I love their hedgehog print and I’ll pry cave sooner or later. I’m hoping at the end of the summer I’ve saved up a little bit of money to buy a set from them . They actually have a lot of cute sets, so I have a feeling you might be able to guess what Gatsby’s getting the next few holidays. il_570xN.785166878_jlft

This kit from Needlework Hedgehog had me obsessed a while ago, but the price is just a little too high right now. Never the less I know that it’s only a matter of time before I cave.

If you don’t know I love surprises, so this surprise pack from SewingInCZ had me so excited when I saw it. I’m trying my best to save some money for it, but I’m really bad at that and shipping is going to cost an arm and a leg. Anyway, if you’re looking for some fun surprises I would go looking here to see what you can find.

So yeah! Those are some things that I’ve been going insane about lately. They’re always on my mind and just waiting for me to drop some of my money, but I sort of need to eat too.

What’s on your pet wishlist right now? Let me know below!

See you soon,



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