Good Night Stitch

I’m sorry to say that over the weekend Stitch passed away.

My roommate and I were sitting in my bedroom talking when I looked over to see if stitch was up, because it was about the time of the night that he would wake up.

It took me three seconds to get up and scream in horror, because stitch’s little nose was floating in the water dish.

Stitch hanging on his deck

This is stitch outside on his little deck outside of his little house

I left the room and my roommate followed after me, confused. All I could say was that he was dead. This sent me into a panic attack and my roommate held me while I sat in the corner mumbling nonsense.

As my roommate is studying to be a vet once kurt arrived at the apartment to take care of me she got Stitch out of the water dish and examined him.

There were no signs of harm, he was just dead.

With the knowledge that Cookie didn’t do it we were all relieved, but we are left with the question of what happened.

12004059_10203333383975056_3634724645413811832_nWhat we are settling with is that he was trying to do something, got too excited, fell in the water dish and passed away.

My mom and brother came back to my apartment (they were only a half hour away) and took stitch home with them to be buried in our backyard. In the next week or so I’ll be making him a little grave marker to place where they have buried him.

Stitch was an adorable hamster that was too curious for his own good. He was easily excitable but got very anxious. He didn’t want to be tame and I wasn’t ever going to make him be so, but he always responded to my voice and would come out to see what was going on when I called him.

Rest in Peace my little friend, I promise that I will see you again.

~Amanda Patch


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