My Classes Spring 2016

So last week I signed up for my classes for next semester.

Well,  I did all of the prep work and Kurt had to actually register for me because I was working.

So this is what I’m taking.

Advanced Creative Writing – a Monday, Wednesday, Friday course with service hours

East Asia before 1800 – a Monday, Wednesday Friday course and the only course that is actually on the campus I live in.

Media and Children – a Tuesday night class

Gender and communication – a Tuesday Thursday course

All in all I’m fine with this course load next semester. The only thing I worry about is how I’m going to spend time with Kurt, because I don’t know his schedule.

Next Semester will be Kurt’s last semester in college, and at the end of it a lot is going to change.

Not only will I be taking these classes and working, but I have to help Kurt figure out a life after college, which we both are nervous about.

…. Let the challenge begin

See you soon,

Amanda Patch

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