The Mini MAMABI Happy Planner

If you’re like me when you’re stressed odds are that when you’re stressed you end up going shopping and buying things that you don’t really need.

This is what happened a week or two ago for me, and now I have changed my entire planner system and everything.

About a week or two ago I ended up at the store to buy some stickers for a completely separate thing, and ended up in the planner section. I ended up buying the mini MAMBI happy planner (click here for the one that I bought). I also bought more notes pages and the daily planning pages, and now I’ve completely reworked my planner system to include this small planner.

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So, this is sort of going to be a fun little post because I finally got to watch Moana with one of my friends. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we’ve been trying to see this movie since it was in theaters. BEfore I even started trying to see this movie with my friend he had been trying to see it since the release date.

When we tried to go see it in theaters we failed because we couldn’t get our schedules to match, so we agreed to see it when it came out on DVD. So fast forward to about a month ago when I was walking through target with my mom to find that it had come out. I bought a copy and got to watch Moana that night with my family. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it,  but I was still bent on watching it with my friend.

So the next week I had planned on going over to his house to watch the movie that I bad brought with me from home, but guess where the DVD was.

If you guessed at by mom’s house in the DVD player you’re right.

So that night we passed again, and rescheduled Moana for the next weekend. We still had a great time watching Game of Thones, though.

So I call my mom and she decided to mail me the DVD. And….I lost it. I’m really hoping that I find it while I clean my room to move, but at the moment that DVD is MIA and I had to buy a new one.

So that brings us to last weekend, where my friend didn’t really want to go home and ended up following me to target and then coming to my house to FINALLY watch the movie. This didn’t work either. Sadly, one of our other friends had gotten into a tight spot and he needed to go help her out.

But we finally got to see the movie, and we both enjoyed it.

Overall it was a great night, and I find it to be a funny story.

See you soon,


What I Hate About Family Gatherings

I’m going to start this by saying that I absolutely love my family, with that being, said they get on my nerves just like any other family members. Although I love them and I adore all of them There are still some things that I absolutely hate about family gatherings, and since Easter is coming up I thought that I would share some, because let’s face it they’re kind of funny sometimes.

The first thing I HATE, but totally get is the infamous college and after college questions. They’re the questions like “what are you doing after college?” “where are you going to college?” “what are your plans after high school?” “have you found a job yet?” “Are you going to be working an internship this summer?” All of those types of questions. Part of me does love them because I know that people are curious and that they are genuinely curious, and that’s great, but I swear every family member asks these questions of everyone and it’s so annoying. That and everyone in the age group that has to deal with these questions knows before they even get to the event that they’re going to get all of these questions and are already hate the questions.

Like the other day I was talking with one of my cousins and both of us knew that these questions were in our future, so we decided to hope that the upcoming weddings in our families take the spotlight. Since we know that won’t work we’re going to point all of our family members towards our third cousin that’s graduating this year, insisting that he has better plans than both of us combined. (Side note, we don’t know what our third cousin is up to. He just wasn’t part of the conversation so we decided he could deal with it.)

The next thing that I hate is just being in that awkward stage where you don’t fit in with the adults, but you’re too old for the kids. Like Park of me doesn’t really care, but the other part of me wonders what I’m supposed to do because I don’t know anything about Disney Channel, but I can’t afford to go travel cool places or know what you’re talking about when it comes to politics. So this makes me sit on the couch playing on my phone and being anti-social and rude, which will get commented on. The only thing that I can do to solve this is grab any of my cousins who are in college or late high school and talk with them in hopes that no real adult will come talk to us because I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m also not sure about anyone else, but if you come from a big family like my dad’s side, you will meet at new family member at every family event. I’m not talking about the little babies, because guess what I know all those babies and gave you a gift, I’m talking about adults that you didn’t know existed but are apparently my cousin. I’ve actually gotten to the point of OK, welcome to the family, and I don’t question it I walk away and find my second cousins that I grew up with so that I actually know people and know what they’re up to so I can actually talk with them.

I do love all my family and I do like to see them. I’m just an introvert, so hanging out with everyone in smaller groups with no one asking me about my plan for the future, because let’s face it I can’t even stick to or create a real meal plan that doesn’t involve McDonalds.

If you can relate to any of this let me know in the comments. If you’re a family member of mine and you’ve made it this far, please ask me how work is going and not about what I’m doing come May 15th. Please?

See you soon,


Lucia Changed Cages… again

Alright, alright, I know this is very stressful on hamsters and I shouldn’t be doing this, but hear me out ok?

So with the Tube Kingdom I think I spent an hour a day to make sure that Lucia was able to stay in her cage, but it never seemed to work. Lucia kept getting out basically every other day. So we had to change her cage back to a simple bin cage so that she wouldn’t escape. That worked for like a day though because she managed to escape.

Anyway so we had to witch Lucia back to a bin cage after being in the tube kingdom for a month after she escaped way to much and made me really mad. This is mostly for her safety, because to be honest I’m not a the tidy-est person you will ever meet and often times there is chocolate pieces under my bed and she can’t have those. She also has a tendency to take my yarn and pouch it so that she can use it as nesting material.

So although it can be stressful for hamsters to switch cages so often I ended up doing it in order to keep her safe.

And yeah, that’s honestly all I have for this week.

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve done for your pet’s saftey? Let me know down below.

See you soon,


How I Clean Up After Playtime: Hedgehogs

If you’ve ever taken an hedgehog out to play, or your hedgehog is anything like my little Sinbad, they’ve used the bathroom while their out and they have no regrets over it. So I have a few tips and tricks to help you clean up after your hedgie has used the bathroom during your playtime

Play in the Kitchen

If you don’t know this I do my best to make sure that I play with Sinbad in the kitchen. I do this because it’s the easiest surface to clean and it saves so much time. the other reason I do this is because often times I’m making and eating dinner while I have Sinbad out because I get home from work late and eat late. He seems to not mind it, so I’m fine with it. He lies to try to steal my food, but typically that doesn’t last very long because I take it back and I eat it instead.

Pick Up The Toys

The first thing that I do once I put Sinbad back in his cage is feed him, but the second thing is to pick up his toys. I do this so that it’s always cleaned up and put away. That way my apartment doesn’t look cluttered or messy, and I find that it really helps. I also spot clean all of the toys during this so that they stay really clean between their monthly toy cleanings.

Pick Up the Poop, Mop up The Pee

So after everything is put away I pick up all of the poop and pee. I used to do this with paper towels, but those things add up after a little and they’re really bad for the environment, so I started to use washcloths instead. I just watched for them to be on sale, and I picked up some all white ones for Sinbad and some yellow ones for Lucia. At the end of the week I just throw these in with the fleece laundry that I have to do for Sinbad, and they’re  a great reusable way to clean up. I do have to say that I will bleach Sinbad’s every other months so that they stay sanitary, but for Lucia’s her’s are pretty fine never being bleached because only her pee gets on them, and it doesn’t stink as bad as Sinbad’s poop.


So next I sweep up whatever is on the floor. this is because often times some bedding or something will already be on the floor. I also try to sweep once the kitchen once a day anyway, so it kills two birds with one stone.


Sinbad is pry the only reason I caved and let my mom buy me a Swiffer. I mop the floor really quickly (maybe 3 minutes) and it’s 100% clean again, like Sinbad was never there. Although I guess you don’t need to do this every day I do live with a roommate and I try to be considerate of her. It also bothers me a little bit that my pet used the floor as a bathroom at some point and I make my food right there. It’s not a big deal, though, and some nights I honestly don’t do it if I was able to get a lot of it up with the washcloth.

So that’s how I clean up after playtime with Sinbad at night.

If you have any good tips for carpet cleaning let me know, because I still haven’t been able to master that.

See you soon,


Three Ways I’ve Planned My School Work

Over the last two years that I’ve been using Erin Condren Planners I’ve used three different methods of checking my school work, and today I really wanted to share them with you. With anything there are infinite different ways to do this, but these are the three that have worked for me and that I’ve found have helped me a lot.

Half Boxes

The first way I noted my school word was that every class got a half box on the day that I had that class. This was really helpful and worked when I was only writing down what was due that day, but I found that if I was writing down the readings, quizzes, or anything in detail it wasn’t as useful and it actually became really crowded. What I did really like, though, was that this method had me constantly going to the syllabus and I was more attentive to making sure that the right thing was read for that class. It also looked really nice in my planner and helped me get the overview of everything really easily.


For me I found that this was the most effective way to get a lot of information down, but it didn’t look very good. Every day, at the top of my planner, I had a checklist for my school work. I would have a three heart checklist if I only had one class in a day or a five heart checklist if  I had two or more classes in a day. I really liked how much detail I was able to go into, and it was a great system, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I felt like it made my planner look messy and overwhelmed me at the very beginning of each day, even if everything was checked off and I didn’t need to do anything before class that day. I also didn’t like that I was often missing things because I wouldn’t look at the syllabus as often anymore, and that bothered me as well. I think that this only lasted a month or two, and although it was efficient I just didn’t really like it.

Using the Sidebar

I don’t know why the everyday checklists overwhelmed me, but this doesn’t. Every week lately I’ve been putting down as many check lists as I can in my sidebar, and at the top I write all of the assignments that are do and under those all of the readings that I have to do. I actually really like this system and I don’t really know why, but it seems easier than the checklists every day and really does work for me.

If you’re a student how to do you mark your homework and due dates in your planner? Let me know down in the comments!

See you soon,