The Mini MAMABI Happy Planner

If you’re like me when you’re stressed odds are that when you’re stressed you end up going shopping and buying things that you don’t really need.

This is what happened a week or two ago for me, and now I have changed my entire planner system and everything.

About a week or two ago I ended up at the store to buy some stickers for a completely separate thing, and ended up in the planner section. I ended up buying the mini MAMBI happy planner (click here for the one that I bought). I also bought more notes pages and the daily planning pages, and now I’ve completely reworked my planner system to include this small planner.

_MG_0008Let’s do a review first, though. I bought the __________________ mini happy planner. It was really cute, the packaging was simple, and overall I thought that it was very nice looking on the shelf. I love the art on the cover and throughout the inserts, and that sort of drew me to it.

It took me a while to set the planner up because I just take a long time to sort things out in my mind. After a few hours of setting it up, making some small paper clips, finding some page tabs, and filling in all of the undated pages I really ended up liking how I had the little thing set up.

_MG_0007I have it set up like this. First is the April currently page, then the monthly view, and then the two page weekly views. Then it’s the May section, which is set up the same, and then there is the June currently and the June monthly view. In this section I use a paperclip with some ribbon on the top to mark where I am in the month. The next section is my daily pages, where I have a few weeks of pages that have a day on a page. I keep a paper clip and ribbon in this section as well to mark where I am as well. The next is note and graph paper, where I really just keep lists and things. I have a page tab where this section starts but nothing is really marked for where it is just because I know what’s in this section and I plan on constantly cleaning it out to keep it clean and up to date.

_MG_0012Overall I really do like this system and it has been helping me a lot!

What do you want to add to your planner system? Or what would you like to try? Let me know in the comments down below!

See you soon,



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