Lucia Changed Cages… again

Alright, alright, I know this is very stressful on hamsters and I shouldn’t be doing this, but hear me out ok?

So with the Tube Kingdom I think I spent an hour a day to make sure that Lucia was able to stay in her cage, but it never seemed to work. Lucia kept getting out basically every other day. So we had to change her cage back to a simple bin cage so that she wouldn’t escape. That worked for like a day though because she managed to escape.

Anyway so we had to witch Lucia back to a bin cage after being in the tube kingdom for a month after she escaped way to much and made me really mad. This is mostly for her safety, because to be honest I’m not a the tidy-est person you will ever meet and often times there is chocolate pieces under my bed and she can’t have those. She also has a tendency to take my yarn and pouch it so that she can use it as nesting material.

So although it can be stressful for hamsters to switch cages so often I ended up doing it in order to keep her safe.

And yeah, that’s honestly all I have for this week.

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve done for your pet’s saftey? Let me know down below.

See you soon,



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