Monthly Planner Updates

This month is going to be so busy in my planner that I don’t even know how all of this is going to fit in.

First off I revamped my “dirty planning”/bullet journal system. There will be an in depth post about that next week, but for right now let’s talk about overall what’s going on.

On the monthly view I’m actually adding in weekly goals, which is pry the first half announcement. On May 6th I’m moving out of my current apartment. I’m currently trying to decide if I’m going to stay in the city that I’m in now, or if I move back in with my mom in the Twin Cities. It’s getting hard to try to decide what to do, but either way I’m moving very soon and before I do that I really want to declutter. So on my sidebar I’m listing when I want each part of my room decluttered by so that I’m more likely to get it done. I’m also noting the days that my mom is coming up to get things.

For school I’m also doing a lot more, and I’m putting the dates that I have for my big project on my monthly calendar only, as opposed to all of the due dates for everything. I feel like this is really just to make my monthly view less cluttered, and I’m really happy with it. I’m getting really nervous about this project, but it’ll be great in the long run and hopefully help a lot of people on my campus.

I’m also “officially” having a change in my weekly spreads. I’m starting to use the top of the column for a good memory of the day or the big thing I did that day, then a three heart checklist for what I absolutely need to do that day, then a full box, then my little things, and at the bottom either some washi or I’m going to start including a picture or memory from that day that I really want to remember or that really represents that day. I want to focus much more on setting up my planner so that it’s used for memories that I have, so that I can start to think more about the small things in my life that I value and really appreciate.

So that’s sort of my monthly updates. What are you trying in your planner this month?

See you soon,



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