How I Clean Up After Playtime: Hedgehogs

If you’ve ever taken an hedgehog out to play, or your hedgehog is anything like my little Sinbad, they’ve used the bathroom while their out and they have no regrets over it. So I have a few tips and tricks to help you clean up after your hedgie has used the bathroom during your playtime

Play in the Kitchen

If you don’t know this I do my best to make sure that I play with Sinbad in the kitchen. I do this because it’s the easiest surface to clean and it saves so much time. the other reason I do this is because often times I’m making and eating dinner while I have Sinbad out because I get home from work late and eat late. He seems to not mind it, so I’m fine with it. He lies to try to steal my food, but typically that doesn’t last very long because I take it back and I eat it instead.

Pick Up The Toys

The first thing that I do once I put Sinbad back in his cage is feed him, but the second thing is to pick up his toys. I do this so that it’s always cleaned up and put away. That way my apartment doesn’t look cluttered or messy, and I find that it really helps. I also spot clean all of the toys during this so that they stay really clean between their monthly toy cleanings.

Pick Up the Poop, Mop up The Pee

So after everything is put away I pick up all of the poop and pee. I used to do this with paper towels, but those things add up after a little and they’re really bad for the environment, so I started to use washcloths instead. I just watched for them to be on sale, and I picked up some all white ones for Sinbad and some yellow ones for Lucia. At the end of the week I just throw these in with the fleece laundry that I have to do for Sinbad, and they’re  a great reusable way to clean up. I do have to say that I will bleach Sinbad’s every other months so that they stay sanitary, but for Lucia’s her’s are pretty fine never being bleached because only her pee gets on them, and it doesn’t stink as bad as Sinbad’s poop.


So next I sweep up whatever is on the floor. this is because often times some bedding or something will already be on the floor. I also try to sweep once the kitchen once a day anyway, so it kills two birds with one stone.


Sinbad is pry the only reason I caved and let my mom buy me a Swiffer. I mop the floor really quickly (maybe 3 minutes) and it’s 100% clean again, like Sinbad was never there. Although I guess you don’t need to do this every day I do live with a roommate and I try to be considerate of her. It also bothers me a little bit that my pet used the floor as a bathroom at some point and I make my food right there. It’s not a big deal, though, and some nights I honestly don’t do it if I was able to get a lot of it up with the washcloth.

So that’s how I clean up after playtime with Sinbad at night.

If you have any good tips for carpet cleaning let me know, because I still haven’t been able to master that.

See you soon,



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