Spring Break Vlog and Journal

Although Spring Break is notorious for drinking, partying, and amazing vacations that idea is always out of my grasp. So today I wanted to talk about my last Spring Break, and how a realistic and typical Spring Break actually is for many college students.

Surprisingly my break started on a Thursday after my classes since my Friday class was canceled and I was happy to take the day and be lazy. I literally got nothing done and I am happy with that. I liked not having to do anything before the busy week began.

I spent the weekend working, and we actually had some fun. The DQ in the mall had their ice machine break on pry the busiest day of the week, and since we shared our ice with them they gave us the spare ice cream cake that they had messed up on. Since it was still edible we had fun cutting it up and devouring about half of it after attempting to cut it with whatever we had at the store. This meant a plastic fork, a pizza cutter, and out hands just trying to grab it and take some chunks off. It really was fun and the cake was a great form of appreciation.

During the week I worked a lot and cleaned/picked up around my apartment as much as possible. It was fun to hang out with my coworkers, catch up on what I needed to do, and actually work on creating new content for this blog and for the youtube channel. It was really focused on getting things done so that once school started again I could really feel settled in where I am so that I could work on finding a job and an apartment for after graduation.

The weekend was really the fun part of the entire break, because I got to go home and hang out with my family. Before this, though I got to go to a coworker’s house to drop off Sinbad so that he didn’t have to go all the way to my mom’s house. I got to chat with Logan, have dinner, play with his cat Spoticus, and just have a calming evening before going home to get some more things done.

When I got home on Friday my mom and I went shopping for possible furniture for my future apartment. We had a lot of fun and it was fun to be able to sit down and figure out a color scheme and style that I want to have in my apartment. We also got some good ideas for what I’m going to get in the future and got a better idea of how much the start up costs will actually cost me in the near future. That evening my little brother Shawn and my older brother Dave came home and I had the change to sit down and chat with them for a few hours. I feel like I don’t get to hang out with them as much anymore and I really do want to work harder on connecting with my family once college is over.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day where we got a few little things done around the house as well as got the old car outside for a little bit. We went to the mall briefly and ran into my aunt and uncle. I hadn’t seen them in a while so it was cool to hang out and see them a little. They were concerned about if my mom was alright, because they hadn’t heard much from her lately, but overall it was a nice conversation and meeting.

That night I actually got to go to the casino for the first time. I didn’t vlog it really because I wasn’t sure if i was allowed to, but we did go to celebrate Dave’s Birthday. the buffet that we went there for was good and we had fun playing a few games, and surprisingly I managed to win a little bit of money. It was fun and although I didn’t go there to win it was fun to actually come out with something. I pry won’t go again for a long time, but I had fun.

Sunday was pretty chill, we all got to hang out a little more and get some things done around the house that we wanted to. Since it snowed we were sort of stuck in the house, but it was fun to just sort of have a family day and relax. Since the roads weren’t the best I stayed an extra night so that I wouldn’t have an accident, and I got to watch Moana as a family movie night.

Monday morning I found out that my class was canceled, so I took my time heading back so that I could get to work on time. That night I picked up Sinbad to find out that he made a new feline friend, and went back to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a little while.

Although this wasn’t the most extravagant Spring Break I loved being able to spend time with my family and refocus on what I need to do in order to get where I need to go.

With that I want to announce that in May this blog is going to be reformatted and relaunch as another website. Although I love what I talk about here I want to refocus and write about more lifestyle things. This means that the pets won’t be around as much, but there will still be some boxing and cage tours for them when I think that it should be featured. This also means that my planner will be getting it’s own blog and youtube channel, which will actually be launching in early April. I’m really excited about these changes and I hope that those who follow this blog will follow me there as well.

See you soon,


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