Peeps And Paws Breeders

As you know my new hedgehog came from a breeder, what you may not know is that it was Peeps and Paws that I got my little guy from. Today I wanted to talk about my experience with this breeder, so that if you’re like me you have a place to start when looking for a breeder for your little hedgie.

16387098_10206033963607859_2621541216013510297_nPeeps and paws not only breeds hedgehogs, but they also breed sugar gliders. They’re located in Racine Wisconsin and are USDA licensed for breeding pets. They’ve been raising pets for over 18 years, and do a great job! Their babies are handled every day so that they are friendly and sociable when you get them, and they’re so nice to talk to. I can’t speak for their Sugar Gliders, but their hedgehogs are priced based on their coloring so they very in prices. They will “ship” your pet via United Airline’s Petsafe program, and they’re willing to answer all of your questions if needed.

When Gatsby passed away I knew that I wanted another hedgie, and after a little bit of time I started just playing around on the internet. After looking at the registered breeders list on I found this place, and fell in love with my little bud. I don’t know why but I had an immediate love for this little guy. Before placing the deposit I wanted to make sure that he was the one, so for the next week I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I was checking every few hours to see if he was still available, and I was so happy that he was.

15966316_10205909401333880_6766841032195800015_nWhen i realized this little guy had to be mine I e-mailed Peeps and Paws to ask some questions. Honestly this was the first time where i did get frustrated with the breeder. It took almost a week for them to respond, and they were very apologetic, but it caused so many panic attacks when I thought that the little guy had been bought. After my questions were answered I placed the deposit and the little guy was officially reserved for me.

A few weeks later, after setting a day to ship the little guy to the Minneapolis airport and I paid off the remainder of my balance. About a week later I got the details of the flight, and I got so excited to get my little guy. The day of the flight the breeder let me know when the little guy was dropped off and I e-mailed them back when the little guy was back with me.

16507990_10206112447729913_2050088480585827122_nOverall I did like using the breeder and my little guy was is so sweet. Even when I got him he was the nicest little thing ever. The bonding process is going so well and it’s slow, but I’m starting to really gain his trust. That’s with all hedgehogs, though, it’ll almost always take some time for them to get used to you.

What do you look for in a pet breeder? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,



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