Pros and Cons of Bullet Journaling

Every planner system has pros and cons, and it’s looking and figuring out those pros and cons that help us know what might work best for us. The bullet Journal is do different, and if you’re thinking about trying this system I think that you should defiantly continue reading. All of these come from my experiences with the system and no one else’s, so let’s start!


I always like to start off with the pros because if I’m telling you guys about something odds are that I already like/love it.

The first pro that I have is that the system is totally unique to you. Since you’re the one creating it on a blank page you control everything about this system, and I do love that. It also allows you to be flexible with what you need. If one week you want a horizontal spread and the next week you want daily spreads go for it, it’s all up to you. I love the flexibility with this system (partly because this semester I’ve had a lovely habit of forgetting my notebook, so my bullet journal does have some class notes). It really allows you to get what you need in one spot, and I absolutely love that because as a college student everything is always changing.

Pry my favorite thing about this system is how inexpensive it is. When I started I spent about $5 on a new notebook, but in reality I didn’t really even need to because you can use ANY notebook and any pen for this system. The initial system is super easy too (click here to go to the bullet journal website to find out more). I actually showed it to my mom at some point and she thought that it was sort of insane how simple the system was, because we should have been able to figure that out on our own. Even with the added ideas from other places (Pintrest) on the internet the system was so simple to use.


My main issue with this system is how you need to be able to sustain it on your own. There is no way around it, but if you are lazy one week and just don’t get to filling out or creating pages in your journal it will not get done. As a college student and someone with depression it can be so hard for me to get motivated sometimes, and even to do a simple spread for the week in my bullet journal can be hard sometimes. I feel like having a little bit set up for you would help, but that would take away from the point of the system.

My other issue is that as you look through the internet you can easily get discouraged with this system. When I first started to research this system I went bonkers because I couldn’t make the beautiful spread that other people could make. Although my spreads still are no where near fabulous they’re very functional and very useful to me, so I’m still getting great use out of this system.

So those are the pros and cons, as you can tell I do like this system and I will continue to use it, but you just can’t get caught up on how “pretty” your spreads look. Personally I have my Erin Condren for that, my Bullet Journal is the functional one that I want to get messy and scratch things out in.

What do you think of the bullet journal system? Have you tried it in the past? Let me know down in the comments.

See you soon,



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