Quilling 101

If you are interested in having a pet hedgehog, or just got a new hedgehog, one of the first problems you’ll come across is your hedgehog quilling.

16387098_10206033963607859_2621541216013510297_nQuilling is the time in your hedgehog’s life where it starts to loose it’s quills/spines and regrow larger and sharper ones. This happens because as your hedgehog grows he/she needs to be able to protect themselves, so their spines/quills will need to be larger in order to do this in the wild. This typically happens when your hedgehog is around 6 weeks, 2 months, and 3-5 months old. They can also occasionally have ‘seasonal’ quillings, which are smaller and don’t typically last as long. It’s more of the process of losing broken or damaged quills and making new ones.

16142900_10205994931312076_2530666534928313206_nTo help your hedgehog through this there are a few things that you can do. The most common is to give your hedgehog an oatmeal bath. You can do this by buying this body wash, or you can put non-instant oatmeal into a sock, let it get wet, and then squeeze the water out over your hedgehog. This helps dry skin, so it makes it easier for the quills to poke through and prow. You can also put flaxseed oil on your hedgehog’s back in order to hep with dry skin as well.

In addition to this try not to heavily pet your hedge, put anything on their backs, or put a little bit of olive oil in their food. The best, and most important thing that you can do to get through this is grin and bear it. Continue to handle your hedgie ever day, even if they are angry, because it continues to build the bond between the two of you.

16174621_10206010720026784_1012588235411769646_nThis is a tough time for you and your hedgie, so be patient and make sure that you remind them how much you love them. Also take a ton of pictures, because this baby stage won’t last forever.

What do you do to get through your hedgehog’s quilling? Share down below!

See you soon,



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