Once More With Love Review

Over Black Friday I was sucked into the vortex of Easy and sticker shopping, but in my defense who didn’t? I decided to try a few new shops that I had heard great things about, and the first one was Once More With Love. This was pry my best purchase on Black Friday, and I am still so excited about it. You can still see a lot of her stickers in action in my plan with me Videos, which are up on my blog in various places. For more details keep reading, and let me warn you that this shop is worth reading the entire thing.

You order from this shop only on easy, although I could defiantly see this shop getting it’s own website that could feature some munchkin comics or maybe more original artwork? Personally I think that would be fun, but I’m also obsessed with these little munchkins.

_mg_9844The processing time was pretty quick, but then we got to the only issue I had. Sadly this shop is based in Canada, and my luck as normal, my package took forever to get here once shipped. It’s nothing against the shop because this happens to me ALL THE TIME, but it’s one of my few downsides of this shop. The shop can’t really control that, though, so it’s not too much of a knock against the shop as a whole. I just started planning my orders in advanced for stickers that I normally use a lot.

Once I got the package it was in a sturdy envelope, which was given to me by my mother when I visited home, and I ripped that thing to shreds. Inside was an adorable little red envelope thing that had the stickers inside. The red paper was beautifully decorated with what seemed to be a hand made design, and it was beautiful. It made me feel like my order was special and valued, not just something that was stuffed in an envelope and shipped out. The stickers that we in the envelope were in a small plastic bag to keep them from getting wet or damaged, and arrived perfectly in tact.

_mg_9849The stickers themselves were adorable and were great quality. They’re even removable if you’re careful, and none of them were off cut or anything. they’re the perfect size to add to any spread and not overwhelm it, even if it’s all that you use. (I compare them to Blobby from Oh Hello Stationary co and they’re a little smaller.) I slide like that although each sticker had an intended purpose they’re pretty versatile and can typically be used for multiple things. (Except the wine ones, those might just have the one purpose.)

Honestly I defiantly suggest this shop to anyone. The only thing is that I always feel like stickers are expensive, and it’s annoying because I don’t feel like they’re always worth the money or shipping. I have this issue with all shops though, which is why I typically use printable for my planner. I like a lot of designs though, so I’m trying to buy more instead of printing all of them.

This shop gets a 4.5/5 from me, the only issue it being in Canada because I just have really bad luck with the shipping.

What do you think of this shop? Do you have a favorite sticker from them? Have you bought from them before? Let me know in the comments!

See You Soon,



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