Planner Addict Gift Ideas

If you have a planner addict in your life, or you want to treat yourself I’m here to help you out!

If you don’t know someone’s planning style it can be confusing and next to impossible to get a gift that they’ll love and use, but let’s cheat they system a little bit with these gifts every planner girl will use!

An Etsy Gift Card

This is a great gift idea so that your planner addict is able to pick out exactly what they want to get and what they want to plan with. Odds are that they have a list of things that they want, so this is a great first idea.

Stickers To Mark Something You Do Together

This idea came from my friends and I. We always go to the mal, so when I got interested in planners and stickers one of my friends gave me stickers that represented going to the mall so that I would have a sticker for when we got together. Odds are they’re already planning what you do together, so having a sticker from you to represent it is a great way to show them you care.

A Gift Card To A Craft Store

Washi, storage, paper, glue, pens, you name it the store has it and we can’t get enough of it. With this you can also make a day of it, so you can go to the store together and help pick something out. Or maybe end up buying a planner for yourself. Who knows.

A Weekly Kit

If you go on Etsy and search for weekly kits you are bound to find something that you like. Although I can promise that you won’t be able to get exactly what your planner addict wants we’re used to adding things that we need. It’s a great option for those who want to give your planner addict something pretty and useful.


If you’re like me you lose pens and are back at the store buying them every month or two. Pens are a great gift because people can always use more, and a pack of pens can help your planner addict not only color coordinate, but it also ensures that they will have an ink color that goes with their spread for the week.

A Journal

As much as I love planners I love notebooks and Journals even more, which from what I can tell is very typical of any stationary and planner nerd. Your planner addict will love to write things down and a notebook that goes along with their personal style is a great thing that they can pop into their bag as a catch all for any information they need. This also works for those who bullet journal, because you’re basically giving them an entirely new bullet journal to work with.

A Polaroid Zip

This is on the spendy end, but I still wanted to include it. A Polaroid Zip is a small pocket-sized device that you can keep with you and you’re able to print pictures from your phone. This is fabulous for on the go planning and if your addict lives to record their memories in their planner.


So that’s my planner addict idea list, and I hope that you like it! If there is anything that I forgot that you would like to add write it down in the comments to help everyone out.

See you soon,



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