Pet Stockings?

If you’re like Kurt and I we spoil our pets, and Christmas is no exception. We do, though, have to control ourselves so Gatsby and Lucia each have a small stocking at each house (my apartment, my parent’s house, and Kurt’s parent’s house). Each stocking gets a few small things and each pet gets a larger present that we open for them when we are with them. (Gatsby normally is at my parent’s house so we open his gift with him on Christmas Eve and Lucia’s gift is opened Christmas day when we’re with her at Kurt’s parent’s house.) This not only helps us not spend a ton of money, but it also gets our families involved a little.

So today I wanted to talk about some fun stocking stuffers that you can use for your pets to fill their stockings this Christmas!


Treats will always be your pet’s favorite, and some seasonal treats are always great! For Dogs and Cats these treats are easy to find at your local pet store, but for some smaller or less common animals try some seasonal vegetables, fruits, and nuts. For Lucia we always give her a few walnuts (which I can never find except around Christmas time) and for Gatsby we typically give him some turkey, cranberries or pumpkin. (I sometimes sneek him a half a bite of pie,¬†but you shouldn’t give them too much of it or very often. It’s a SMALL once a year treat for him.)


This is simple, but your pet toys to put into their stockings! They’ll love it!


If you want to add some decorations to your pet’s cage you can throw a few decorations into their stockings. It isn’t so much of a them treat as a you treat, but it’s something fun! You can also get some chewable decorations for your small animals so that it can serve two purposes instead of just one.


I’m not always a fan of pet clothing, but cute little outfits for them to wear that day can always be fun for them and for you. You can get them a new sweater, a hat, or even a bow tie! (Gatbsy is going to get a tutu this year, shhh…. don’t tell him.)

So those are some small stocking stuffer ideas for your pet this Christmas. What is your pet getting for Christmas? Let me know in the comments down below!

See you soon,



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