Easy Christmas Gifts

It’s the most expensive time of the year! And limited funds means getting creative, so here are my top 10 Easy Christmas Gifts that let’s face it, I give to people that I need to give gifts to but I don’t know them very well.

So hopefully some of these last minute gifts will help you out, and solve some of your budget issues.

Cookies, because who doesn’t like cookies?

Honestly I adore baking, so this one is easeir for some than it is for others. At the gegining of December I bake a ton of random cookies and pop them into the freezer so that they’ll keep and I’ll have an easy gift for teachers, coworkers, and aquantances that I want to give something to but I can’t afford it.

15192761_10205624994343883_5655491840545870002_nA Framed Picture

I personally am a visual learner, and for some reason I can always remember that one epic picture of my friend from two years ago that was a really good picture so I print it off and put it in a nice frame and there we go. The worst part of this one is finding the picture, but normally you or someone close to you will remember at least one picture that your friend needs on their wall. (Everyone needs that picture of them in their favorite snapchat filter, don’t worry about it.)

Cakes In A Mug

Living in the dorms on campus and having a horrible sweet tooth these were my saving grace back in my first year or two of college. They are also great because you can decorate the mug yourself! To do this take a ceramic mug and draw on it with Sharpie, and then bake it in your oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. You can write the recipe on the side or draw a picture like I did! With these you can go get a few treat bags from the store, layer all of the dry ingredients in the bag, tie it up, and put it in your awesome decorated mug! (Here is my favorite recipe, that I made a few too many times….)

Movie Night In A Box

my godfather has gotten like 10 of these… because I always find movies that he needs to watch. (He might be a little sick of these at this point.) They are really easy, though, because you can pick out popcorn, candy, and a movie for someone and give them a little movie night. This can also be cheaper too because Target has so many fun movies that will bring you back to childhood (for only $10, and some for $5). If you guy the candy and popcorn in bulk and make a few of these you can make them for maybe $15 each. To wrap them wrap a shoe box and print out a “ticket” to the movie and glue/tape it to the top.

14369928_1745643445686354_1312767865085250860_nHomemade sugar scrubs

So, gonna be honest I’ve never made these, but my friend Tiffany made them for me a year or two ago? They were really cool and lots of fun to receive! I don’t know much more about these, but here is a post that does!

Handmade Cards

If you have kids, this is the one for you. Have your kids make cards for different holidays or just to say hi. You can give these to aunts, uncles, and grandparents and they will love them and be able to use them! It’s also a great craft for your kids to do while you’re baking the cookies, or taking a nap… (Kurt’s not the best babysitter in the world…)


If who you are buying a gift for is over 21 (or whatever the legal age of alcohol consumption is where you are) some wine or their favorite kind of drink can be a great gift. If you are 21 this is a great choice for all of your friends because you’re all going to pry drink it anyway. If you wanted to make your gift a little more expensive-ish for a friend or even a significant other you can pair this with the movie night (maybe even sneak in a recipe for a themed drink that they may enjoy).

Amazon Gift Card

I do this too often. I have a stack of Amazon gift cards in my car for people that I have no clue what to get them, but I want to get them something. They’re also great when I forget to buy them a gift. It’s also a great gift for that person in your friend group that you might not really like, but you want to keep the peace so you get them a gift.

So yeah! I hope that this helped you come up with some gift ideas.

See you soon,



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