Planning Christmas

With Black Friday on the horizon I wanted to talk about how I’ve been planning my Christmas so that I’m ready to start the chaos on Black Friday.

BEWARE: If I am buying a gift for you please stop reading now! 

The majority of this is done on an excel spreadsheet and then copied into my bullet journal for easy access. 

  1. I made a list of all the people that I wanted to get gifts for. I made this once a day over a few days and then combined them so that I had the most complete list that I could. That way I had a really good list of everyone who needed gifts.
  2. While I was making this list I kept some notes about what I could get people in my bullet journal, so that I would have a few things that I could choose from for people who are closer to me.
  3. After I had the list of people I wrote down what I would really like to get them. I do this because it give me an idea of what I might need to have for a budget, and I can figure it out from there while I set the budget. I keep how much the gift will cost next to the gift as well, so that it’s handy.
  4. Next I actually budget. I write how much money the person can have in my budget, and just sort of make it work.
  5. From there I go through again and actually plan what I’m going to get everyone, which takes a little while and often has me rearrange the budget a few times.
  6. I copy the name, budget, and gift into my bullet journal. Next to this I leave a space for the actual cost of the gift so that I can keep track of my finances.

So this is how I plan my Christmas gifts, I hope that you like it and it gives you an idea of where to start.

See you soon,



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