3 Years

This blog is a year old, and as you know I did have a life before that. On November 1st I will be celebrating a 3 year anniversary with Kurt, so I wanted to talk about our relationship for a little bit, and sort of tell you our story a little bit, what I’m thinking now, and a little bit about what we think our future holds.

Kurt and I met on my first day of college. I had finished my first two classes and was off to my first day of work at my brand new job. I walked in and was confused for a little bit with another girl, and we were looking at the time clock trying to figure out what to do. That’s when I saw someone come up next to us, looked up, and saw Kurt for the first time. He introduced himself and commented that if we ever needed someone to cover a shift to call him. He shook my hand, flashed me a smile, and then was on his way.

That bit, isn’t actually from my mouth it’s from the girl’s mouth because I went brain dead and just openly stared at Kurt for no reason. It took me two weeks to remember his name after that, even though we talked when we saw each other. He was very nice every time and we were good coworkers.

On Halloween we were talking over Facebook and he was wondering if I wanted to hang out the next night. We agreed to watch a musical together the next night, and that’s what we did to start. We ended up talking until two in the morning that night, and we sort of hit it off. The next day I hung out with him and his friends to watch a movie, and I actually ended up falling asleep curled up with my head on his shoulder.

From there we talked and hung out for two months before we became “official” and we’ve sort of been together ever since.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve stayed together. We have so many stories that I can’t even tell you all of them in this short blog post. Somehow I ended up with this lovely and infuriating man in my life and I wouldn’t have it anyway. I don’t honestly know what the future holds for Kurt and I, but I know that he sees us being together until the end of our time on this earth. I would love for him to stay by my side, and I can’t wait until we can wake up next to each other everyday, but living together scares me because it’s a new level that we may not be able to take.

After three years Kurt has figured every way to get on my nerves, but I can’t imagine my life without him.

Happy Three Years Kurt,



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