Halloween Planner Haul

If you don’t know October is my absolute favorite month (aren’t you surprised?). And I go all out for Halloween in my planner, just like in the rest of my life. I’m so happy that October has started that I wanted to share with you what spreads I have planned, so here’s my Halloween Haul.

il_570xn_1093125687_hp52The first spread I’m using is this kit from PrintyInPink. What drove me to this kit was that it seemed to be a perfect in between from a unicorn kit into a spooky scary kit. I absolutely am in love with it, and the spread turned out really nice.

Although I’ll be doing a full review on the shop, right now I will honestly say that the only downfall is that they don’t have a ton available. I hope to see more from them soon and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

il_570xn_1029034064_8adsThe second kit that I picked up was this one from StickToThePlans. I haven’t used this kit yet, but I’m really excited to in the near future. It has a lot of functional and decorative things in it, so I hope that it will make a really nice spread to work with. It’s a very nice traditional black and orange Halloween kit, which I’m always game for. I also love that there are decorative half boxes, which I kind of like even though they look like they may be a challenge to use. This shop looks like it has a lot of affordable printables so I can’t wait to pick up a few more and try them out.

il_570xn_1073492925_nj3eThe last kit I’ve bought right now is from AndreaNicolePrintsCo, and is her Nightmare Before Christmas Kit. I’m going to be honest because this isn’t my ideal Nightmare Before Christmas set, but I also wasn’t planning on paying an arm and a leg to get what I really wanted (that and it was from Germany and wouldn’t get here in time). I do have high hopes for this kit, though and I hope that the spread turns out well.


What is your favorite kit that you’ll be using this October? Any suggestions on kits you’ve found that I could use the week of Halloween? I’m still looking for that perfect one, so leave ideas in the comments.

See you soon,



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