Fall Updates!

So let’s just get this done because I don’t 100% know what I’m writing to be honest.


If you don’t know I recently started a new job at the mall and I have been working hours upon hours upon hours there, so that’s sort of why this blog has been put to the side for a little bit. Luckily the job is going wonderfully and besides the hours I’m having so much fun at it and I absolutely love it.


School has begun again and it’s going well enough. I like the majority of my classes and I’m having a good time in a lot of them. They are a lot of busy work but not a lot of thought work, and I’m finding that it’s a lot easier this semester than I thought that it would be.


Kurt is still doing as well as he can, he’s taking his class for the third time and the professor is being very very good about making sure that he will pass. I’m thankful for this and I know that this time he will pass and I’m excited for him to be done. He’s having some family… differences (?) that are making it hard for him to focus and do well, but he’s doing his best and having fun.

We are talking about what the next step is for us and what we’ve managed to agree on is that once I graduate we are pry going to get an apartment together. We aren’t sure about how long this will last but it will be just for a short period of time, but that will be the next step for us.

The Long Distance is sort of hurting us and is making everything difficult, but we’re doing our best to work through it and we are doing our best at the end of the day to make sure that we both are ok and doing well.

My Family!

lol- we’re insane, but that’s not an update.

Shawn just went off to college and completed his second week of classes without a glitch. He is making friends and everything is going well.

My niece Kaley is getting close to her due date and I can’t wait to meet my new great-niece.

My dad is doing good and trying to stay out of the hospital.


That’s all that I can think of right now, if you have any questions let me know in the comments 🙂

See you soon,



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