Volcano View Hedgehog Toy Review

Welcome back to regularly scheduled programming! Today we’re going to talk about a Toy Set that I got from Volcano View on Etsy.

This toy set was difficult to buy because when I decided that I was going to buy it the shop was on vacation because they were restocking and what not. It drove me insane to wait, and I almost couldn’t do it.

Once I ordered it it was really quick to ship (too a while from once they actually shipped it) and got to me in a reasonable amount of time.

The package came in a white bag and seemed sort of a step down on shipping to be honest, but everything inside of it was safe.

At the end I wouldn’t buy this again, because I felt let down a little by the products. Gatsby loves them and has fun, but they all just sort of seemed a step down from what I expected. Not sure what I was expecting, but I was slightly disappointed.

The one thing that I pry will buy again is the cuddle buddy because Gatsby seems to love it. It’s defiantly something I will do in the future because I will be sort of making Gatsby a new cage theme-thing once I move into an apartment with Kurt after I graduate.

So over all I won’t be buying this exact thing from Volcano View again, but it does give me some great ideas for toys that I can buy for him in the future.

See you soon,



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