10 Things for College Freshman

I wanted to sit down and talk about 10 things that I wish that freshman knew that first week of college. This isn’t meant to offend anyone or make them upset, but I wanted to talk about it really quick just to clue you in on somethings that really annoy me.

  1. Don’t be loud, there’s no need for that. I know the seniors guys do it but guess what they shouldn’t be doing it either. It’s annoying.
  2. Don’t complain about the bus, that’s just how it is and you can’t change it.
  3. You’ll learn to love the food. Please be quiet.
  4. You don’t need to go hard on the first weekend, to be honest it’s scary and your friends are more likely to take you to the hospital.
  5. Yes, you will get to the point where you’ll steal from the cafeteria. Yes, the workers know about it, no they aren’t really going to stop you.
  6. Get involved! It’s fun and you make friends.
  7. Write everything down. Keep a journal because these moments where you are scared of everything will pass, and you will grow. Keeping a journal to track what you’re doing is a great thing to do.
  8. Think about the tattoo. Yes the other people have them, but think about it before you get it.
  9. Get some sleep, your body is going insane right now while you’re adapting, and it’s under stress. Take care of yourself to make sure that you don’t get sick.
  10. Call your parents, they want to know what you’re ok.

So those are my 10 tips for freshman. I hope that this helps you and will make your first week away from home a little bit better.

What would you tell your freshman self if you could? Leave it in the comments to help our little freshman out.

See you soon,


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