Monthly Spread Updates

I wanted to do an update monthly spread thing, but I realize that I hadn’t used my monthly spreads very much….. but let’s talk about it anyway because I do have some updates.


My monthly August spread was beautiful (in my opinion) but it really wasn’t use because I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it. I really did like it, though, and I’ve started going back at the end of each week and updating what has happened.

Since the last time I update you on this spread I have added the one movie I saw in August, my two car issues, and when my roommate moved into the apartment. I like knowing when these things happened because I do look back at my planners to see what I was up to a year ago. The stickers I used were from STICKWITHME shop, and I actually realize that I need to order more from her so it was a great moment to remind me to order more.


As always I get my kits from LaceandLogos on Etsy, and honestly as a mini review this kit is beautiful, but I felt like she really needed some more cover boxes for days that aren’t actually part of the month, I noticed this with October too, and with both I managed to work around it, but it’s just something worth mentioning.

So this spread has a few different things that I haven’t mentioned or done before. For Birthdays I used both the Erin Condren stickers and the stickers in the kit, which was a lot of fun. I also used the date dots because my mom bought me a punch (yes! Finally!) and I honestly think that they add so much to the spread. I also used scale stickers. I want to do better with tracking my weight so I plan to weigh myself every Wednesday and mark it on the monthly spread so that it’s quick to see if I am making progress.

Before too long I need to add all of my school work after I’ve collected all of the syllabuses, because I really do need to keep track of my school work. I will also continue to go back and put in what I did that week, but there isn’t much else to say about this spread.


I’m really far ahead right now, because I already have a lot of October done. All of the main parts are done and I already have my school holidays on the calander, so the only thing that needs to be added to this is my school work dates.

So that’s what I’ve done with my monthly spreads right now, and there will be another update next month.

What do your monthly spreads look like? What do you use them for? Let me know I the comments, because I need a little bit of help with it.

See you soon,





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