College Pet Problems

10 issues that your pet will have with you, if you take them to college with you and they become a college pet, written from the prospective of my pets.

  1. Never enough treats, because mom can’t afford to give me endless treats like I want
  2. Not having a giant cage because there’s no room for it…. so the minimum will have to do
  3. Everyone watching me while I sleep because I’m “too cute”
  4. Hearing mom wake up really early for classes, and waking me up even though it isn’t on purpose.
  5. Mom keeping the lights on late at night working instead of playing with me.
  6. Not enough treats.
  7. Car rides to Grandma and Grandpa’s (we really hate those)
  8. Lots of short term pet sitters if mom has to go on a night-time field trip
  9. Mom never leaves us alone (because we live in her bedroom)
  10. We never get enough treats!!! More treats mom!!!

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