Designing a Tube Kingdom!

I am very excited to be staring this monthly series where I talk to all of you about making a Tube Kingdom like what Kurt and I have built for Lucia.

Today I’m going to talk about starting your kingdom by thinking about the design.

First off I want to say that cages like this most often should only be used with dwarf hamsters because I’m talking about using crittertrail cages. If you want to use a cage like this for a syrian hamster please find larger tubes to use.

So let’s get started….

So when I started this I didn’t really know where to start, but it was easier to find than you think. You need to start with the minimum size cage for your pet (yes there are different sizes for different hamsters). I suggest starting with a bin that size, because it’s something rather easy to find and then your hamster can live in it while you’re collecting your pieces.

Once you have your base you have to decide how many levels you want your cage to have, of that base. The original design of the Tube Kingdom had three main bins, which ensured that our hamster that we had (Hammy) would have more than enough space to live out the rest of her days. After this you can go insane. I looked up all of the crittertrail cages that I could get and made up a sketch with all of the cages I wanted and how I could put them together.

This sketch becomes your goal. We aren’t doing this right away, so now you’ll need to take out another piece of paper.

Sketch up the resources that you have right now and you can use, minus one of the cages (probably the simplest). This shows you what you can do right now, so you have your dream and where you can start. For Kurt and I this meant one base bin, and a few cages that we could afford.

Things To Think About:

  • What space do I have right now?
  • How much bedding can I afford?
  • What are my hamster’s needs?
  • Will this work when they’re older?
  • How can this grow until I get to my goal Kingdom?
  • What does my hamster enjoy doing? (If they’ll hurt themselves with the tubes this isn’t what you want to do.)

This is the thought process I took when designing our Tube Kingdom. Always remember that this is a process and that you may come  up with several designs before settling on one. I designed for about three months before I actually cut into something, and I was ok with that because it solidified what I wanted and allowed me many choices when I sat down to pick one.

Next month we will be talking about gathering supplies, so keep an eye out!

Tell me about your dream cage in the comments! I would love to hear what they are!

See you soon,



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