Me and Cars

So this week has been very exciting and it’s only Tuesday.

So let’s break down what the last 48 hours has been.


Sunday was the last day I was at Kurt’s to finish building The Tube Kingdom for Lucia. I spent the entire weekend working on this project, and at the end of it I was kind of done with it. The last thing we did was put the grates and connectors, and Kurt swore that Gorilla Glue would work perfectly, but there were two issues with that.

The first was that he let me do it and I shouldn’t have done that, like that was a bad idea. I turned out horrible and I absolutely hated how it visually looked because it just didn’t turn out well. So much of the glue was showing and it was just horrible. Kurt came down and said that it just looked horrible.

The second mistake was that it just didn’t work. Nothing stuck together, and it fell apart in seconds (so luckily it stopped looking bad really quick). I was so happy that I was able to peel the glue off and everything went back to normal, but we had run out of time and nothing worked. By the time I got home that night I was so fed up and completely disappointing with not having a big cage for Lucia, and even looking over to her cage now it breaks my heart.


So the majority of Monday was good. I started my new job and it all went well, but then my car broke down in the parking lot. I got home three hours later with the help of Morgan, but I had interrupted her entire night and I felt horrible. My mom and brother drove a total of three hours to drive up my mom’s car for me to use while mine was in the shop, but I felt horrible. (But, they brought Gatsby up so….. not so sorry about it)


So this brings us to today. At my internship I just couldn’t focus and I got barely anything done and I just couldn’t seem to work. I don’t know what I was doing and I just couldn’t get it together. I was even a few minutes late for my second job, and since it was my second day it just wasn’t good.

Then I come out of work, and as I pull out of the parking lot I got into a car crash. Yup. So that took up an hour of my life that I wasn’t planning on.


So yeah, at this point I’ve just sort of given up on this week and want to hide in my apartment.


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