Critter Hangouts Review

If you remember a few weeks ago I got my order from Critter Hangouts, and I unboxed it on camera, which you can see in this blog post. I was surprised and pretty happy with what I got in my order, but after a month of using it I wanted to go back and do a full review of the products that I received. I ordered a Pokemon set that they no longer have, but the ones that they do have now are both pretty cools as well.

So let’s start with the packaging. The products arrived nicely in a small box with a sticker that had a critter hangouts sticker on it. The box was a little small, and I was worried that the products were squished inside and I wouldn’t be able to get the cube how I wanted it, it wasn’t an issue though because after taking everything out of the box it was easy to form back how i wanted it to be. The box also had my invoice, a business card, and a discount code for my next order. The products were also wrapped in purple tissue paper, but beyond that there was no protection. I wasn’t really concerned with this, though, because the box was very sturdy and I knew that my order was well protected. (It was also tapped very well, because I had issues opening it.)

The product took a few moments to set up, because it came nicely folded in the box, and was a simple idiot-proof setup. At this point I wanted to note where I was nervous in my unboxing. The product is made of a cotton-print outside and a fleece inside. I was slightly disappointed to find that the fleece was sort of thin and felt rather cheap. This may be because I worked at a fabric store for a year, but this was a major concern for me. At the same time, though, the snuggle sack and cube were only $20.

I also found that the cube folded easily, which Gatsby loves but if he was able to get on top of it I would be very concerned about that when I gave him the cube. What I didn’t realize was that Gatsby had never had a cube before, and I was rather surprised to find that he was so confused about how to get into it. I worked with him for a few days until he figured out he could get into it, but he managed to figure it out and now he’s fine with it.

So let’s list the cons of this product

  • thin fleece
  • no wiring in cube (only an issue if your pet could get on top of it)
  • the entry hole is a little high

Now for the pros….

  • affordable
  • love the prints
  • fast shipping
  • fleece actually holds up really well
  • without the wiring it’s flexible for your pet to move around it it
  • easily stored
  • machine washable (yaaaas)

Even with the cons I’m already saving up a little bit of money to get Gastby a few new things for his cage, and I can’t wait to purchase from this shop again. I honestly hope that I have the chance (aka I can pay for) a complete set for Gatsby’s cage, but that’ll pry be in the future for Christmas or his second birthday.

Which set do you want from this etsy shop? (The Nightmare Before Christmas Sets will pry be my jam coming up here pretty soon) Let me know down below in the comments!

See you soon,




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