Well Hello There

Hello again and welcome back!

Sorry about the unexpected vacation, but a few things hit me at once, so let’s talk about them one by one.


Both of the pets are doing just fine. Gatsby has had a little bit of trouble lately as he’s been handled by multiple pet sitters while I’m running all over the country side, but he’s still just fine and I’m always getting updates about how great he is doing. Lucia is doing just fine well, the move hasn’t changed her at all and she’s excited to get into her new cage ASAP, which luckily Kurt and I are building this weekend.


Lately I’ve been slacking on my planner, but that’s ok because so many plans are just changing day by day. It’s been insane, so I’m happy to once again be sitting down and writing and planning again. Hopefully this blog will get done a little more often because of it.

The Move

I have now been living in my fall housing for four days, and i’m so happy to be here (even if here is balancing my laptop on a box and writing this). Everything is coming together well and I’m so excited to see it once I don’t have anymore boxes in the living room. The last living arrangement with Morgan was always temporary, so nothing changed there and we are still great friends.


If you didn’t know I recently lost my job, because where I was working went out of business, but I’m excited to say that I have found a new job and will begin working there soon. I should tell you all the story of that, but I think that it all needs to be covered in another blog post.


I’m excited to say that Kurt is doing fine, and is sleeping behind me while I write this. We’re continuing our long distance relationship and everything is going as well as it can. We’re doing out best and that’s all I can ask for. Kurt has also now signed up for the last class he needs to complete his degree, and he is on track to graduate this December. Although living at his house wasn’t what he planned, he’s excited to start the fall again and can’t wait to get back to routine in a few weeks.


Several people have recently asked me about how I am doing and what’s going on. Recently I have almost completely gotten off social media, and I’ve barely kept it up, but I will be plugged back in soon. Due to my mental health recently I haven’t been up to very much, and what I can do has become very difficult to do. Although I can’t say I’ve solved anything at this point, I defiantly am better than two weeks ago, and I’m happier because of it.  I’ve also started a new blog, which has been taking up a little bit of my time. I’m happy where it has gone, but it is taking my time away from this, which I truly enjoy.

So yeah, a lot has been going on and it’s been a whirl wind, but stick around because we have some great content coming up!

~See you soon,



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