End of July Start of August

So it’s about mid-month so it’s pry a good time to let you guys know where my monthly spread is at.

Each of these spreads are from the lovely LaceandLogos on etsy.


So first off I want to talk about my June spread. For some reason I ended up not really using it and it was just a really busy moth so plans were always changing. I never really wanted to write anything down in this part so I never really did. I liked the spread overall, though, and this was the month where I really started to want to use my monthly spreads a little more and use these monthly kits to the fullest.


This is my July spread as of this morning. I have to go back and write some things in, which will be done when I do my planning routine later this week.

What I need to add in was that my last day at my job was the 16th, and the store closed on the 19th. I also need to write in Kurt’s visit this weekend, my cousin coming to visit me, my sewing weekend, my pokemon go adventure days, when my etsy shop opened, and the days where I got packages over the last two weeks.

I’m using this spread a little bit more because I’m looking at it every week to see when Birthdays are and I’m attempting to mark them more often in my planner. I’m also trying to work towards my goals a lot more and I’m keeping track to see if i can mark them at the end of the month. I haven’t quite figured out my to do list yet, but that’s alright.


So this brings us to August. I love the monthly spread a lot, because I just love the color scheme. The back to school part I can do without. I made a few changes from July, such as not writing everything down on this section. I used half boxes to note when my friends will be in town, but those dates will go in my monthly spread so that it isn’t so busy on this page. I’m still doing my goals for etsy and blog, I even have my to do section ready to write down. You can see, though, that I don’t have my trip to Kurt’s house marked down. Instead I labeled that day Tube Kingdom, because we aren’t sure if I will be able to stay.

August is a sad month for me for personal reasons. It’s a mixed bag this month too because I have both of my parents’ birthdays, my niece’s baby shower, and then I have to celebrate the life of someone who passed away just hours later. Although I appreciate and love the bright colors in this spread I wish it were all just black. August really is a month that I take to mourn the life of someone who never really got to live, but I still hope that this will be a good month.

What are you looking forward to right now? Comment it down below!

See you soon,



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