Silver Hair Update

If you didn’t notice I had a pretty drastic change in my hair recently. Keep Readying to see how it happened!

So back in April I decided to go silver….. the only issue? I had black hair. So here’s how I did it and how I keep up with it now.

How I did it

Since my hair was dyed black I needed to strip that color out first. Doing this just allowed to bleach to work better on my actual hair and it didn’t have to waste time removing the dye.

I 12931156_10204265925528012_1706296780487408623_nended up bleaching it five times in the end to get it light enough to go silver. This is why I strongly suggest that you go to a professional to get your hair light enough. It took me three months to do and I really got upset about halfway through with all of it. Going to a stylist will make sure that you don’t really damage your hair and you won’t melt if off of your head in the end.

By the time that I got light enough I was blonde, unhappy, and not sure if I even wanted to go silver or just give up and go back to black or a brown. I’m happy Kurt told me to keep going, because I am in love with the end result.

I used Ion Titanium dye and I needed four bottles of it and a little bit of purple to cover all of my hair. It was really blue the first two washes, but went silver after that.

How I keep it up

My showers now take forever because I spend about an hour toning my hair so that it doesn’t go green and keeps the silver/grey hue. I use the Ion Repair System and I add purple dye to it (in small amounts) so that I can repair and help my hair as well as tone it. These products get a little spendy, but I am so happy and love them too much to stop or switch to a different product. 13244798_10204581548058378_6293170247145013094_n

Repairing my hair

As I just stated I do use the repairing system by Ion, but I also use a hydrating mask during showers for a long time and if I don’t have anything going on one day I will use a coconut oil mask overnight to help get some moisture back into my hair. these things really do help and they are a necessity if you’re going to bleach your hair.


  • Save up for it, this costs a lot of money
  • cut your hair short so that you don’t use as much product and it’s more managable
  • embrace the blonde period, because you have to go through it
  • do a lot of research before you go for it
  • bleach your hair only once a month to help keep it healthy
  • be ready to commit, because this will take a long time and a lot of effort

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