How I Use “Little Things”

So recently I’ve really focused on using my little things section in my planner since I haven’t really been on top of that in the last few months. This was one of the sections that I really wanted to focus on lately and I really wanted to work on developing a way to use it. Now, though, I am almost 100% happy with it!

I have five “little things” that I keep track of in my planner and I’m going to go through each one.

First I keep track of the blog posts that I need to post that week. These are the little “star” boxes that I use, and they really just are the title of what’s being released that day. I typically take weekends to put my blog together for the week so I don’t always have to do a lot for that besides upload the videos during the week.

The next thing that I keep track of is pet things. This is typically when I feed Lucia, Gatsby’s cage days, and weigh in day that week. I have another binder that really goes into detail with the pets so a “pet planner” system will pry be in the near future. There are the only ones right now that are all color and then the paw print is white. This is because these are things that I can’t forget and need to catch my eye when I’m looking at my planner.

If you see little hearts at the bottom of my planner that means Kurt is up to something. I do keep track of some larger things in Kurt’s life (when he stays at a friend’s house, when he’s traveling, if he has something due for class, if he’s coming over). I don’t do this because I’m controlling, and to be honest it’s often the last thing on my mind but I do like to put those things in there so that I know when he isn’t going to be available if i need to talk to him about something.

The next thing that I keep track of is my hair and when I can wash it. As you’ll see later this week my hair is very difficult to keep up with lately so having something to remind me to wash my hair is great. it doesn’t always get done, but it’s helpful to have.

He last thing that I keep track of in my planner is when I need to go to the post office for my etsy store. This is done with a simple etsy sticker and I don’t have much to talk about for that.

So that’s what I use my little things for. I’m much happier with it, but Im still trying to work on it. I think that I might move them up to the “Today” section of my planner and then use the bottom specifically for my blog.

What do you keep track of in your Little Things Section?

See you soon,



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