Lucia’s Cage Update

Long Time no talk!

Sorry about the last week or two, I’ve been very busy, but that means that this week is catch up week! So prepare for content.

Today we are going to talk about Lucia’s cage because a lot has been going on with that recently. Kurt and I are still splitting her 50/50, so he has to agree to things with her which can be difficult when you can’t get in contact with him.

So, Lucia’s cage has for the most part been the same recently. Her old flying saucer kinda died so I bought her a new one until the next time I see Kurt and I can have him fix the green one. With the goal size of Lucia’s cage I’m not too worried about having an extra wheel laying around.

13620061_10204767927437746_3221297642141304241_nSpeaking of the goal size of  Lucia’s cage I’m excited to announce that The Tube Kingdom will rise again in late August right before the school year starts for me. I’m very excited about this because I recently found a three level critter trail cage that I’m excited to let her use. She’s really been missing the tubes lately so I’ve been trying to put more of them in her cage, but it isn’t the same. We are just starting to draft some layouts for Lucia’s cage, which are looking really cool.

Kurt and I are also really excited to announce a new series on my Pet Youtube Channel and this blog! Since we are beginning to make progress in rebuilding our cage we want to show you guys how to do it too. We’re excited to share our process with you and possibly make a DIY cage more possible for you in the future. We can’t wait to show you what we build and how we do it. 13494980_10204715661411128_5751692309588717926_n

So Lucia’s cage hasn’t changed much, but it’s getting ready for a huge makeover, so watch out! We are also already starting to get Lucia ready to move, which is a month away. It’s sort of weird to do this but it’s a lot of going through what we have for her (treats, toys, bedding, houses, balls) and throwing out of cleaning what needs to be done.
So yeah, they’re aren’t a ton of updates besides looking forward to building The Tube Kingdom.

Question of the Day: What does your hamster’s cage look like? What are your plans to upgrade/change it?

See you soon,



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