Tips For Small Pets And Outdoors

So here it’s getting a lot nicer outside, so I want to talk about taking your small animals outside. 


11811438_10203048713498472_1627261844816714594_nHamsters can move pretty quickly and really need to be watched when you go outside. Not only are they able to run off, animals of prey such as birds can happily pick them up to have a little snack. You really need to watch hamsters if you decide to take them outside and I would strongly suggest taking a play pen out with you so that they are in a safe, confined, area where you can see that you aren’t looking everywhere for your pet, it’s just a safer place.

I would not take your hamster outside in a ball. I wouldn’t do this because balls aren’t 100% safe to begin with and taking that outside, although it would be easier for you, it might really scare the hamster and the change in the environment may not allow your hamster to be able to really move outside in the ball.


Hedgehogs are really chill outside, to be honest. I always bring a blanket so that they aren’t directly on the grass and they’re able to get to the grass if it’s chemically treated. I 11760162_10203048710458396_2340261853180868942_nalso suggest that you really keep an eye on your hedgehog because they can run very fast and get away from you very quickly. If your hedgehog does love to run watch them carefully or bring a playpen with you so that they can’t get away.

Guinea Pigs

I don’t know why but guniea pigs are great snacks for other animals, so with these animals you really do need to watch them and make sure that they are okay. I’ve also found that guinea pigs do like to really run around so I strongly suggest getting a big playpen or a safe fenced in yard to let them run around in. It is also very important that they are on non-chemically treated grass in case they do decide to eat it.

To be honest that’s all of the pets that I’ve been outside with for a long period of time. It’s very basic and simple tips, mainly just watch your pet.

But yeah, what’s your pet’s favorite thing to do outside?

See you soon,


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