Iphone SE

So about a week ago I traded in my Iphone 5c for the newer Iphone SE. I had know that I as going to make this switch before the phone even came out, because I hate the size of the Iphone 6, and heard that the Iphone 7 wasn’t going to be much better. I decided to get the rose gold (Pink) one, with 64G of storage.

Now that I’ve had it for a bit I thought that I would talk about it a little bit. 

So first off I love the size, shape and feel. I actually finding myself removing the phone from the case I have and just using it without one because I love the color and showing it off. I also love the color. Although pink hasn’t been my thing for a long time I think that it’s shows how much I’ve evolved and how I’ve adapted to what I do and don’t like. Although I’ve always hated pink it’s managed to dig it’s way into my heart a little bit.

I find that this phone is basically my old phone but with a little bit better camera, which I absolutely love because I can’t stop taking pictures with it for my Instagram.

I always find that setting up my phone is the hardest part of getting a new phone because I never know where to put something and I always find that it’s hard for me to organize everything. Although this pone is really easy to use I find that these are just personal issues that I have.

I also want to mention that the fact that I was able to get this phone was insane because it was the only SE that they had in the store when I went in. All of the rest of them were sold out, but since they had a shipment earlier that day they managed to have three of the exact one that I wanted. So, if you’re looking at buying this phone you may want to call ahead to see if they have it at your local store.

The only thing that I don’t like is that I did drop it a few times and it does now have a small chip in it. I don’t really find this as an issue because I think that it looks cool, but since my phone does need to last me the next eighteen months is is slightly worrying.

Overall I’m very happy with this phone and I would recommended to anyone with a 5.

See you soon,



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